Thank you for your interest in working with me to transform your life!- Or parts of it!

It is an honor to be invited as part of someone’s personal journey. When it comes to coaching, working together with me is usually¬†not the standard structure you may have seen before (I’m sort of assuming that if you are looking to work with a coach, you’ve already done a bit of research before landing here!) Here’s what would be different:

My coaching comes in the form of a six (6) month experience which is not based on a number of limited sessions and there is constant support when you require it. “Sessions” are via Skype and last anywhere between fifteen minutes and one hour. They will commonly occur between one and three times per week, all depending on how much support you need during a particular time. Some people need more support the first three months, some prefer more support between months three and four, etc. There may be weeks when sessions are not necessary, because you will be busy or you just won’t feel the need for one! There may also be weeks where you will have questions pop up all the time with specific circumstances, and we can have more frequent sessions. Email is also excellent for these times.

When we are in a coaching relationship, I am your coach! I take few clients at one time because you are not just a session on my calendar. You want to really implement the Law of Attraction knowledge in your life in a big way and I am your go-to for working out any kinks along the way. I help you see your circumstances in a different light when it might not make sense to you because you feel tied up in it. I remind you (and of course show you) how simple nature really is and how the most complex-seeming situations can be untangled with simple “techniques”.

This coaching experience is $6,000. Payment may be in full at the start of coaching or a schedule of $3,000 paid at the start of the first month, $2,000 the second month, and $1,000 the third month.

This is for you if you are serious about Law of Attraction coaching and you are looking for a quality experience not limited to appointments, but prefer to dive in to practical and effective transformation without feeling like you have to wait for a once-a week session to “see your coach”. This is not counseling. It’s high-end personal coaching, and if you are used to the finer things in life, then nothing less will do! Contact me at to schedule your consultation.



IF you are looking for a per-session basis, I offer metaphysical counseling – which is (in one way) different from coaching in that it is a short-term commitment. This is specifically for you if there is ONE thing you want help with manifesting. It will teach you to get your subconscious mind on board and attract what you DO want, instead of the opposite of it. If you want focused, quick help in either your relationship, well-being or career path, then then this might be a good option for you. Contact me at to request an appointment. Each session is $150 with a minimum of four (4) per month.