There’s an elephant in the room, and he’s only visible in between your sessions of reading and listening to Neville.

While you’re absorbing Neville Goddard’s teachings – revelling in it, being soothed by it – this elephant is nowhere to be found. Everything is clear. Everything is apparent: what you need to do, how you can do it, and the infinite potential – no, the INEVITABILITY- of your desires to be made manifest in this physical experience.

Then, we close that book or click away from that audio lecture and the blur returns. The interference- the reasoning. Even when we think we are changed… even when we THINK we are being that “new man”… we revert back to our old self, only with a “more positive outlook”.

What just happened? Where did the conviction go? Where is the basic, natural feeling of already being that which you wish? We go along our way and we think that we have changed, but there is an elephant in the room and that elephant is the truth that we have not actually changed. We have only hoped. We have seen for a moment who we truly are, and have again moulded into the common man… we are merely hearers of the word and not doers, for we have seen ourselves in the mirror, walked away and at once forgotten who we really are. We know the elephant is there. We do a really good job of pretending he’s not… we even ask others, “What am I doing wrong? Which technique do I need? Why isn’t this working?” Oh, but the answer is right there. We are forgetting who we are- the new man. We are standing as the old man, the teachings of Neville a blur, a distant text-book lesson. We have not entered the new state without looking back. We have not simply done it.

There is an answer, and you can turn to it every time. Every single time, this will get you back to being the new man… this is BRAZEN IMPUDENCE!

It is incredibly brazen to assume you are that which you wish to be. It is painful sometimes. It is an emotional battle sometimes. It is so far from what we ALLOW ourselves to feel, that it feels impossible – but it is not! It is COMPLETELY possible, and not only that, but it is inevitable if only we have that boldness- that impudence to common reasoning! This is no time to be modest! You are God in physical form!

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