Telling Others About What We Are Working On Manifesting

Is it ok to talk about what I’m manifesting?

REPETITION In Manifesting

Neville’s “Desired States” and Abraham’s “Vortex”

The Vortex by Abraham Hicks is another word for Neville Goddard’s desired states.

TIMING of Your Manifestation

When will your manifestation show up?

Everyone Is You Pushed Out – Neville Goddard Practical Application

Neville Goddard’s “everyone is you pushed out” for insight on what we are doing in consciousness.

Thoughts On Remote Seduction

My thoughts on remote seduction, based on a background in the teachings of Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks.

Manifesting Overload and How to Know When to Chill Out

Common to many of us who are students of conscious manifesting, we can dive and dive and dive until we lose touch with the lightness and joy of life overall. This is a gentle reminder for you to take it easy and delegate more to the powers that be (aka your inner being, God-self, source energy, greater part of you, the father part of the father and I are one, etc.).

This need to control details stems from a very basic trust that our specific desires will not manifest. What we may see as a lack of trust is trust itself- in the absence of what we would like. If we can’t lean back, put our feet up and enjoy watching things come together for us, then we are indeed, in that moment at least, forgetting who we really are.

The constant need to do more research, learn more techniques, hear more lectures, read more books… is often (ok almost always) stemmed in living in an end that is different than the one we are looking to manifest. This is what causes some sort of panic- a rush to do something different, try something new. However, the only thing to be done differently is to be done in consciousness only. To accept an end and appropriate it. To see lovingly for yourself.

The next time you find yourself scrambling for answers, stop yourself and acknowledge that there is nothing for you to do. You’ve already planted the seed. Anything that might need to be done on your part will be done by natural impulse. If you have to even ask yourself if you should or should not do a thing… don’t. The rational mind can help to determine what you want. It is not to be relied upon for the natural path to your wish fulfilled.

Learn to release the grasp. This is not your 9 to 5. This is not some competition to please a boss. This is not a sprint for a trophy and prize. This is relaxing into the state of being exactly who you would like to be and feeling from there. There isn’t much rationale involved at all.

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Armine and Jerry Emeka talk about Neville Goddard and manifesting stories

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Changing the Reflection In The Mirror

You can’t change the mirror, but you can change yourself. We’re not talking about changing who you really are! Your nature is God, source energy, etc. We’re talking about changing who you are BEING RIGHT NOW. We are all taking on roles, and sometimes we carry out those roles for a long time, or just for a bit. Do you like the role you’re playing? Are you playing the role of the person who gets overlooked, or of the one who is appreciated? Are you being the one who is living their purpose or are you being the one who is not clear about their path and is often frustrated?

It sounds like a game… like a fantasy. Yet, that’s what we’re doing here. We’re taking on self concepts and playing them out. If you are willing to accept seeing it that way, then you can test it and see for yourself.

This is what Neville meant when he spoke of “Changing the Feeling of I”. You switch your prespective into a new version of you, and feel that out. When you change what you are ‘being’, then you are giving yourself the gift of shifting in consciousness and expanding.

Let me know in the comments if who you are being is who you truly want to be or if you are looking for a change in the role you are playing! Tell me what area of your life experience can use a shift into a new state.

The Game of Life

If you’re on the internet scene of things concerning manifesting, the law of attraction, Neville Goddard, etc… you may have picked up on something that comes up regularly: people get really bent out of shape over it all. We can get really (REALLY) intense and heavy about creating that oh so desired reality. It can get heavy, hard, frustrating, disappointing and discouraging.

Pretty ironic, since the nature of manifesting things preferred is that we thrive when we feel light and easy. We very simply manifest what we are feeling now. If that’s feeling frustrated and discouraged, then it does not matter what technique that guy or girl on YouTube is talking about, you are going to manifest more to be frustrated and discouraged by. It is just the nature of it. If we apply that brazen impudence as Neville Goddard pointed us toward, then we will have the guts to FEEL now the feeling we want to experience with manifestation. We will release those clenched fists, lift that sunken chest and ease those shoulders and brows.

For the love of your desire, human! Release that lower state of consciousness and rise to the occasion! Practice feeling light, even if you didn’t. Practice feeling lucky, even if you previously didn’t. You’ve got to get your hands in the clay, so to speak. You have to change in state – in frequency. Anything else is insanity and torture… self-torment.

Florence Scovel Shinn was a smart cookie for naming her first book The Game of Life (and How to Play It). She brought proper perspective to the true nature of this existence by reminding us to be playful. Life is not a battle. It is a game. Sure, you can make it a battle and see evidence of battling all over the place… or you can let go and accept it as the game it is, tapping into the ease and flow of effortless manifestation.

Bashar emphasized the value of being malleable. You must be easy, loose, light in order for that energy you are to mold into the version of you that you maybe had been so hung up on becoming. It is not hard unless you see it as so. Let it be easy, let yourself feel good before the evidence. Feel relief now. Feel appreciation now. It’s so easy. The struggle is real but only because we made it so. Let it be a game and let’s take everything less seriously.

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