There Is Room For All Methods and Students

Within this field of work, there are as many approaches to manifesting as there are people. It can be tempting to fall into the “they’re not doing it right” club. We can feel like we’ve found the right way, the best way, the only way. We may feel like anyone who is utilizing any technique that you find useless is wasting their time and doesn’t get it. My thoughts are: Don’t fall into this trap. The moment we put down others is the moment we lose sight that everyone is unique and needs to approach things in unique ways.

For example, many come to Neville Goddard and insist that now that they understand his teachings, the rest are laughable. They might put down visions boards, affirmations, and journaling. Yet, Neville Goddard’s teachings are packed with the value of feeling into “I am”, which is the first affirmation of existence. He encouraged repetition as he said that it will feel foreign at first but with repetition the feeling of naturalness can be achieved. He didn’t speak of vision boards of course, but to keep an image in your mind’s eye is not contrary to keeping it in front of your physical eyes. You CAN benefit from it. Journaling is not necessary, but Neville didn’t discourage the writing. It is not in the writing that the power lies, but in the feeling… the state of consciousness you enter and stay. Writing does that sometimes.

Another example: first person present tense is how to clothe your desire in your consciousness. So, sometimes self-proclaimed experts kock down the use of “I will be” instead of “I am” or “it would be nice…” instead of “it’s nice…”. I see where this is coming from, but EVERYBODY IS WHERE THEY ARE and MANIFESTS FROM THERE. Didn’t mean to yell there 😄

For someone who feels very far from the relaization of their desire, to ask them to claim it in one single step and to become it is not altogether useful and can be discouraging and lead to more disbelief. However, they can get there relatively quickly by affirming first “it would be nice if…” Heck, if they’re visually motivated, a vision board is certainly not a waste of time. Is it necessary? Goodness, no. Your mind is all there is when it comes to manifesting, and you are doing it day in and day out… yet you are also looking at things around you all the time, maybe affirming the opposite of what you want, and maybe writing actual journal entries about disappointment and yearning. Switching these things are part of “becoming the new man”.

What I really wanted to express in this moment is that as much as “holier than thou” is tacky and not true, neither is “righter than thou”, especially when there is not one right or wrong way to experience a change in consciousness. It instead screams intolerance. And intolerance is in many ways the opposite of allowing… it is pushing against something someone else chooses, because you think everyone should be doing things the way you choose, not realizing that everyone has a very unique way of remembering that their consciousness is the only reality.

Be kind. Be allowing of others and their chosen processes. Everything, including these teachings, come to us at the perfect time. Applaud others for their enthusiasm and commitment… for their perseverance. See lovingly for all.

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I Just Added Extra Time For Discounted Law of Attraction Coaching Sessions!

Hi friends! If you’ve ever been interested in working with me 1 on 1 but was hesitant or thought you couldn’t afford my session rate, this is for you! As you’ve probably figured, I work from home most of the time. This means that I am still working. This also means that I can figure out more ways to accommodate more of you who want some insight on your manifesting journey through the teachings of Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks.

Here is what is new and exciting (if I may say so myself 😉):

I am temporarily opening up time for FIVE additional thirty minute sessions weekly. These will be just $50 (my usual half-hour rate is $150!) I usually am strict with the amount of appointments I will take weekly because work-life balance is important for everyone, but since it seems like many of us are home now with more free time in general, I am happy to open up this space and at a more widely affordable price. As an important side note, please consider that my kids will be home. These will be casual calls- even more casual than usual ☺ but still very focused!

For those of you who are interested, please contact me at

If you prefer email coaching, I am happy to offer email coaching at $99/month also for a limited time. This is perfect for those of you who don’t choose face to face communication and need some regular insight on manifesting, OR if you’d like to combine this with a session here and there. Either way works!

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Thank you to all of my readers, YouTube viewers and clients. If you have any other ideas on how I can be of service, feel free to suggest!

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Does Manifesting Your Dream Seem Difficult?

If you have done some research on the law of attraction, then you may already know that things will happen as you expect them to, meaning that if you expect something to be hard, it will be. Conversely, if you believe something will be easy, it is. There’s a matter of resistance here. The actual fact that you think it will be difficult creates circumstances so that your experience will be difficult. This is what resistance is. When we do not feel ease – a lightness – on a certain aim, then it is because we have resistance of some sort. You may say that we are occupying a state of some sort of resistance.

If you know Neville Goddard (or me), you’re probably no stranger to the “reasoning is only the interference” approach. If you have a wish, and you are conscious that logically that there must be a very specific process in order to achieve this wish, then you are occupying a state of resistance. You are not seeing your wish as an actual fact, but as a future possibility based on a multitude of conditions. You might worry about these conditions all day and night. You may feel as though you need to figure out every step of the process in order to “responsibly” ensure your manifestation comes through.

However, if we take a step back we will see that we are trying to apply human laws to circumstances that are not governed by human laws. It simply does not work that way. Our only job is the add our consciousness to the state desired. If you know the state which you desire, and you know how that state feels, then you must feel love and appreciation towards that state. You must enter that state of consciousness and love it as a fact.

I was having some Baci chocolates today (my favorite!), and the little love note read- “Nothing is difficult when you love” -Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Add the intoxicating effect of love to any equation, and it is a pleasure. Imagine yourself already living that life you want, and the circumstances will reveal themselves to make the most pleasing journey to manifesting your aim. What seems to others to be a daunting task will be a fulfilling, joyous process for you. You will know what you need to know, when you need to know it. The resources will be there in perfect timing. It will be light and enjoyable if you decide it is. You will see the unfolding that you prepare yourself to see. When you love your work, it is not really difficult. You work, you create, you serve, you put in time and certain efforts, but it does not feel hard overall. When you are not in a state of love, then everything will be annoying and difficult and a hassle. The same goes for relationships. If you are in love, nothing is difficult. Love carries you in a way that keeps you above the struggle.

Before I end this message for today, I’d like to offer two more quotes from Cicero that you will appreciate:

“Like associates with like.”

”The pursuit, even of the best things, ought to be calm and tranquil.”

”This is the truth: as from a fire aflame thousands of sparks come forth, even so from the Creator an infinity of beings have life and to him return again.”

I think I will write more on each of these three sayings on another day. They have inspired me and go hand in hand beautifully with the teachings of both Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks. Have a wonderful day/night!

Neville Goddard on “This Man or No Man.”

I just left a Facebook group that focuses strongly on using Neville Goddard’s teachings to manifest a relationship with a specific person. It doesn’t bother me when someone wants to attract a specific person. I know it can be done, and often is done. I also know that the clinging with insistence to one person, and not allowing yourself to see that it is first not the person, but the happiness, that you actually want, is a limiting concept that brings up desperate rage from those looking to do just that.

I’ve been in those shoes. I know what it is like to think “This man or no man.” Guess what. It wasn’t that man. That’s not because I was just wrong about the man. It was because I was living a life of melancholy in my imagination, and longing for that man was exactly what I had manifested in my feeling state. When I THEN opened myself to the feeling of truly living in the end… in the state of that happy relationship… a man who WASN’T that man came along and knocked the ball out of the park with our experiences together. I had been keeping this intensely wonderful relationship blocked from my experience because I was BEING the person who was longing for something I did not have. My I AM was keeping me in a state of having not, and my clinging to someone who I wanted to insist was the one… was a perfect match for that state.

Now, I’m not saying your man or woman is not the one. Yours may very well be the one who walks into your life in that perfect feeling when you simply enter the state of having that which you have desired. What I’d like to suggest is  to hold lightly to the person and rejoice in the way they make you FEEL. Rejoice in a beautiful relationship for the sake of the satisfaction of it. Rejoice in being in that state, and when someone says “what if he’s not the one?” don’t throw yourself to the  ground and defend yourself or feel the need to prove yourself or feel anything less than wonderful. Be light about it. When you are sure of your happiness in this relationship you have imagined,  nothing will throw you off from it. You know your ideal man or woman is yours. There is no threat, and there is no fear of “this man or no man.”

Below I have included an excerpt from Neville Goddard on insisting on a specific person. You can have anything you want, and know what what you actually want is happiness.

…Always go to the end. Dwell in the end, and you will hurt no one. But if you try to devise the means, you are, well, messing the whole thing up. I have had people say to me, “You know, I want that man, and no other man.”

I said, “No, you don’t; you want to be happily married. You don’t want that man or no man.” 

“Oh, yes, that man or no man.”

Then, of course, this always shocks them.

I say, “If he dropped dead right now, would you want to be married?”

“Well, he isn’t going to drop…”

“I didn’t ask you that. If he dropped dead right now, or if he is right this very moment accused of being the world’s greatest thief or murderer, do you still want him”

“Well, now, why ask those questions, Neville? I want that man.”

But, you see, it isn’t that man. They want to be happily married. I have gone to so many weddings where it was either that man or none, and it wasn’t “that man”! And they are embarrassed when they see me standing in the aisle, because it had to be “that man or no man,” and here it isn’t that man at all. And they walk down [the aisle] – they are happy with their new mate, but a little sheepish as they pass by because they know I know he was not the man.

Source: Neville Goddard’s Lecture Power – Click Here

What We Were Told About Will Power Isn’t True

Will power: the strength to not eat that doughnut, to not cut corners, to get off the couch and move your body, to get that to-do list checked off. The power to resist and act, to control and refrain. To take action on the right things and cut out the action on the “no-nos”. When you have will power, you are great at controlling your ACTIONS. Right? 🤔

Hmmmm, but that’s not true. That’s not what will power actually IS. No wonder so many of us struggle, running around in circles and feeling guilty about how weak we are when it comes to good old “will power”.

There’s great news, my dears. The only way to have will power that is of true value to you is to acknowledge the one and only will- the will of the mind and imagination. Don’t get this all wrong though… that doesn’t mean there isn’t ever struggle in it. Oh man, sometimes it feels like a daunting task, and oddly enough, only because we give ourselves such a hard time about letting ourselves feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. That is why Neville Goddard said to persevere; to remain in a assumption. The only struggle there might ever be is within yourself. If you are struggling to not eat that doughnut, or to get that task done or to get in shape… it is FAR from truth that the actual ACTION is where your weak point is. The first cause is always mental. The cause for your physical wellbeing, your financial prosperity, your interpersonal relationship happiness is what you are imagining day in and day out. That is what is setting you up for success or failure. That is what causes your impulses. Your disinterest in taking action that you logically know you should be taking in order to accomplish anything is only rooted in your concept of self.

If you think that will power is about training your actions, then you will have a much harder time getting only a fraction of your desired results. The actions should come with natural ease and no effort will come close to the work that the imagination does.

Practice reacquainting yourself with what will power is, and you will spend more time enjoying the unfolding of your manifestations.

Celebrating A New Year (+ How It’s Like Any Other Moment In Life)

A holiday like New Year’s seems to have personal development written all over it. The resolutions. The goals. The visions. While this is an opportunity to take a look at where we are and where we would like to be, a New Year is not so different from every other day… well… every other moment, even. What if we felt about any moment the way we feel about the freshness and newness of a new year?

Guess what? It really is exactly that. Every moment is new. Every single moment is new, a fresh start, a clean slate. It is even more new than we think a new year is.

There is only one reason why New Year’s resolutions tend to lack in results, and it’s not laziness or lack of dedication. Laziness is only a symptom of not being in the state desired. If you have not felt yourself to be the you who has already accomplished a resolution, then all kinds of things will show up as “reasons” why your “resolution” didn’t stick. When your vibration is not aligned with the result, then all the will power in the world will not bring you to it. You can try to force yourself to eat better, exercise more, advance in work, write that book, make more friends, not have certain friends, learn a language, play an instrument, practice a sport, do more to be of service, etc. etc. etc. but until you SEE YOURSELF AS the person who is doing those things… FEEL YOURSELF AS that person… you will struggle and be frustrated and possibly feel like a failure.

The truth is, resolutions (and keeping them) are not one bit a question of failure or success as a human being… it is about loyalty to the unseen reality. It is about your chosen I AM. Your words (and thoughts… words are spoken thought) are self-fulfilling prophesy. You may THINK you are committed, but commitment doesn’t feel like a force or even a passion. It feels like a natural state of your new I AM. It feels like getting acquainted feelingly with the new man… the new version of you, who is already experiencing that which you wish to be, do, have.

Change your I AM and your resolution will manifest with ease and naturalness. The only struggle can be found in deciding who you are and not identifying with the old you who “does not follow through” or “is just overweight” or “is well-meaning but things just don’t work out for”. Some perseverance will take you through that struggle and the rest of the work is not yours. You will do whatever is required without even knowing what you are doing… you will find yourself in the right place at the right time as the new you… in what feels like no time at all.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Neville Goddard and the Elephant In the Room

There’s an elephant in the room, and he’s only visible in between your sessions of reading and listening to Neville.

While you’re absorbing Neville Goddard’s teachings – revelling in it, being soothed by it – this elephant is nowhere to be found. Everything is clear. Everything is apparent: what you need to do, how you can do it, and the infinite potential – no, the INEVITABILITY- of your desires to be made manifest in this physical experience.

Then, we close that book or click away from that audio lecture and the blur returns. The interference- the reasoning. Even when we think we are changed… even when we THINK we are being that “new man”… we revert back to our old self, only with a “more positive outlook”.

What just happened? Where did the conviction go? Where is the basic, natural feeling of already being that which you wish? We go along our way and we think that we have changed, but there is an elephant in the room and that elephant is the truth that we have not actually changed. We have only hoped. We have seen for a moment who we truly are, and have again moulded into the common man… we are merely hearers of the word and not doers, for we have seen ourselves in the mirror, walked away and at once forgotten who we really are. We know the elephant is there. We do a really good job of pretending he’s not… we even ask others, “What am I doing wrong? Which technique do I need? Why isn’t this working?” Oh, but the answer is right there. We are forgetting who we are- the new man. We are standing as the old man, the teachings of Neville a blur, a distant text-book lesson. We have not entered the new state without looking back. We have not simply done it.

There is an answer, and you can turn to it every time. Every single time, this will get you back to being the new man… this is BRAZEN IMPUDENCE!

It is incredibly brazen to assume you are that which you wish to be. It is painful sometimes. It is an emotional battle sometimes. It is so far from what we ALLOW ourselves to feel, that it feels impossible – but it is not! It is COMPLETELY possible, and not only that, but it is inevitable if only we have that boldness- that impudence to common reasoning! This is no time to be modest! You are God in physical form!

Lindell CD 3 Part 1 of The Drama Man – Neville Goddard’s Student

Here is the FIFTH lecture of 8 from Lindell, original student of Neville Goddard. Enjoy and feel free to share with anyone or any community who might be interested.

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