What Would It Be Like If It Were True?

Neville Goddard consistently posed the question about desires to his audience: What would it be like if it were a present fact? What what it be like if it were true?

So, I now ask you what it would really be like. We tend to start off with a broad description, like “it would feel good” or it would feel “amazing”. Now dig a bit deeper, because a broad description such as those suggests that you have been so wrapped up in the wanting, that you haven’t actually allowed the feeling of its reality to sink in to your subconscious mind. It’s so easy to talk about what we’ve had enough of, what we’re tired of, what frustrates us, hurts us, confuses us, blocks us… wouldn’t it make sense to give at least an equal opportunity to exploring how you feel about what you DO want?

Yes, it feels good. It feels natural, it feels comforting. It feels thrilling. It feels easy. It feels like relief. It feels like you are worthy and blessed. It feels warm and cozy. It feels exciting. It feels kick-ass.

Which of the above sound right? Take one or two. Build on them. Get only as specific as it takes for you to feel a rush, to feel the change in emotion, then take a nap.

So often we think that having what we want feels so distant, and sometimes it feels close, but close is no cigar. You need to slip INTO the you who is already experiencing it and what you know about your current experiences is that they tend to feel pretty natural. It doesn’t feel like “out there” it feels very “you”, at least it does pretty quickly.

Start to accept that anything you wish is already a given option, and let it feel as natural in coming as that steak you just ordered (we had dinner at Taylor’s Steakhouse tonight, so that was my nearest comparison ๐Ÿ‘Œ). If you are having some confusion about how to ‘believe’ that, well you can play around with the idea. Contemplate it. Act in your mind as though it were true. You choose things in life by the direction of your focus. Are you focused on the lack of what you want and rationalizing the ways it could possibly happen? Or are you falling asleep ALREADY that version of you?

You must get yourself into that state before you can really know what it is like when that fact is what we call true. You must get comfortable and playful and at rest. Anything else will make it harder for you to sink into a feeling of something being real, which evidence denies. Knowing what your life would be like with your wish a fact is much easier when you are at ease and not focused so strongly on its physical absense. Gently bring focus on its presence. Gently redirect focus to the state of consciousness in which your wish is a reality and you are experiencing it in your imaginal senses and allowing yourself to be emotionally moved by this.

That is enough for you to know exactly what it is like, and that happens to be exactly how to manifest it.

The Law of Inverse Transformation- Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy

Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy are both accredited for explaining the Law of Inverse Transformation, and nearly word for word matching its definition. In Neville’s book Prayer: The Art of Believing, his clear explanation is nearly word for word repeated in an audio recording of Murphy’s. It seems to me that he is maybe even reading from Neville’s book. Murphy does, however, add his own stories and examples as usual. He is known to be quite the story teller with his own books being filled to the brim with what we might call “testimonials” or case studies.

So what is this Law of Inverse Transformation, and why is it not more widely spoken of? First, let’s define it:

“If a physical fact can produce a psychological state, a psychological state can produce a physical fact.”

Very clear as it is, I’ll attempt to put it in more practical terms: if a thing (object, experience, person, etc.) would bring you a certain feeling, then that feeling would bring to you the thing. This is all based in the Law of Cause and Effect, which you can read about further in the Kybalion. The Law of Inverse Transformation reminds us that if we want something in order to feel a certain way, then feeling that way now will manifest the thing desired. This is also classic Abraham Hicks teaching. Feel it NOW. Become it NOW. Per Neville, enter the state and live in the end- in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Now, as for why a quick online search of this law would yield few results- it’s just not spoken of in those words very often. The concept is solid and it is an entirely practical one to understand. It is mostly the perspective that it offers. If you wonder why this “entering the state” works, well now you know why and you can approach it from a different angle.

I encourage you to apply your knowledge of this law today. Pick anything you have been wanting and apply it. No need to complicate it, no need to dive deeper. Start from the end, as it says in scripture.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

What Your DESIRE Really Is According to Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks

Most of us have been pretty well trained to feel that prioritizing a desire of ours is selfish and maybe shallow. Even if prioritizing one or two desires is good, surely it’s not cool to give ALL of our desires focus, right? To expect them ALL to manifest. That would be… pushing it. Asking for too much… too self-centered, perhaps?

It’s time to free ourselves, folks. Your desires are not selfish. They are the word of God. As Neville Goddard wrote in Freedom For All, your desire is the word of God. They are the seed that contains all the plan of expression.

In order for us to be aware of a desire, the means for the manifestation of it is already there. Our desires are not little indulgent desserts we have to choose from conservatively and only now and then- they are inner guidance on what to focus on as part of our expansion. In realizing our desires, we are not taking from another, but certainly participating in the orchestration of the unfolding of wonderful experiences for countless people. When we might think, “I want a Tesla but I should probably get a Honda right now because it’s the more practical option in terms of payments. I can get a Tesla in the future.”

Neville calls this “adding to the word of God”. The desire itself already contains all needed for it to grow to fruition. Thinking about the how is adding to the word of God. Settling for anything less than our pure desire is what Neville refers to as “taking from the word of God”. You are taking from the desire that came to you, and your desire is sacred and holds within it much more good than you may realize. We may see it as, “oh sure it’ll make just ME happy”, but in this type of thinking you are brushing aside the wonderful, perfect design of your physical reality. Allowing the manifestation of your desires is far more than something that you alone will enjoy… it is a formula that contributes to harmony in ways you may never understand, and you don’t have to.

Trust in the desire. Trust in the design of the process. Don’t compromise, don’t settle, and assume it is already yours, because it is.

Neville Goddard’s “Everyone Is You Pushed Out”

It sounds like a deeply spiritual and mystical concept. Something you might nod to as to say “yes, that’s so profound”. Yet, to do that would be overlooking the basis of the statement that Neville used in his teachings.

It’s not just a mysterious, abstract concept. It is an immensely practical piece of information that – when understood – is a tool that will allow you to navigate successfully through all of life’s experiences. Everyone is you pushed out.

The basis of this saying is that there are no others. Nobody is completely separate from you. Nobody exists in your experience separate from your awareness. Your awareness is what draws your experiences, and what we perceive as others are actually serving as messengers- showing us in a fantastically practical way, who we are conscious of being.

As soon as we are hurt, upset, angered, even delighted by the words or actions of another, that is the ideal time to stop for a moment and know that there ARE NO OTHERS except as messengers of who we are being. Every word uttered to you by “another” is some reflection from your state of consciousness – your vibrational frequency – and it is an opportunity to change your feeling state and enter the one you prefer instead.

Use this to your advantage, because that is what it is for. If someone keeps behaving in a hurtful way to you, that means you have identified with being hurt. It means you were conscious of being hurt and not being treated kindly. This is why Neville quoted the bible verse, “forgive them father for they know not what they do”. Everybody in your life is acting upon impulse reflecting to you who you are conscious of being. Even if they want to be kind, it will be not possible for them because of your assumption. This is how cycles occur. You judge based on the message rather than using the message to choose something else within you.

You can change only yourself, then others will reflect your change in consciousness. Neville’s words were not meant to just sound spiritual, but to be used in a very, very practical sense. It is all this simple.


Manifesting Things With Ease

I used to have a bitter relationship with receiving flowers – more specifically, I would get upset that I didn’t really get flowers. Ok, ok – now, I’m not a diva or anything like that, but I must have had a strong desire to be gifted flowers and I was really aware of not having being the recipient of them very much! You can say that when I saw flowers anywhere, I had that association in the back of my mind (an awareness) that “I never get flowers”.

A few years ago, I was visiting my sister’s house and as I walked in, I noticed a fresh arrangement of flowers in the foyer. This is a common occurrence, because they go to many events and come home with various arrangements from the events. I can’t remember right now what flowers they were this particular day, but in that moment, I was in so much appreciation of their beauty that I told myself “these flowers were here for me to enjoy”. That’s exactly how I felt, and that’s what I confirmed to myself and forgot about them. A couple hours later while still at my sister’s house, I got a call from an unfamiliar number. It turned out to be a local florist checking on my home address for a delivery. I though hmmm… ok. I was able to have them deliver to my sister’s place since I wasn’t going to be home for a bit longer. Mind you, I had completely forgotten about my previous rendezvous with the flowers in the foyer.

The delivery came and it was a beautiful arrangement of flowers from my boyfriend, who did not have the habit of buying flowers and whom I had not even spoken to that day. It came with a letter he wrote out for me. Well… I felt appreciative of flowers that were there for me to appreciate and a bouquet with my name on it and a love letter followed.

Being grouchy and having negative associations with anything keeps the thing desired out of our lives. Without alignment of being the recipient of it, we cannot be that. Man can receive that which he sees himself receiving. When flowers mattered to me only because I felt like I didn’t have them or couldn’t get them… when I felt like they weren’t for me – they weren’t. The moment I felt appreciation for the universe for sending me flowers to appreciate, more came to me and from an unpredictable source. My boyfriend wasn’t in the habit of having the florist send me bouquets of flowers. It wasn’t a holiday- and even if it had been, flowers were not usually in the picture.

What can you manifest into your experience right now by just loosening up some bitter associations and feeling like anything around you is intended for you to enjoy? What can you attract by simply feeling the ease and gratitude of its beauty in your presence? Flowers may seem like a small manifestation to you, but to me it was something that was blocked for a long time, and the process to manifest all things (no matter how big and important it seems) is the same. Feel yourself into being the recipient of the good you desire. Be that version of you and it will show up – and if you’re not home, then they will even call and bring it where you are. You are always in the right place at the right time. See yourself as receiving your good.

Brazen Impudence In Manifesting

If you’re thinking about the law of attraction in terms of the movie The Secret, it might not be an automatic connection to being brazen or brave… courageous in any way. However, once you get your hands into this manifesting stuff… creating with intention… you will likely encounter some moments when you realize the importance of brazen impudence. That’s what Neville Goddard called it, anyway. It’s not necessarily being brave or courageous. It means putting aside grasshopper thinking and becoming a giant. Do you want your old limiting sense of “deserving” – your old I AM – to keep you from who you are as your true nature? Then you must admit what you actually wish for, and stop leveling it down a notch just to make it feel more believable. You must rise to the state of the consciousness of your desire (which some of you Abraham Hicks students might know as “raising your vibration to the frequency of the thing desired”)

Take what you ACTUALLY want and become the version of you who is already naturally experiencing that. Don’t minimize it because it seems too big. Don’t negotiate it. Know who you are and you will know that at your command your wish is fulfilled. To compromise our full wish for any logical reasoning is to miss the mark. The dreamer in you is God. Honor him and you and do not settle. It is natural to experience exactly what you wished for. It is not selfish. It is part of the whole expansion of the universe, and it will have a benefit to the orchestration of the manifestations of many other people, most of which you are not even aware of.

Approach your feeling state with the brazen impudence it deserves and requires.

No Charge Coaching and Counseling for Black Men and Women’s Mental Wellness

There Is Room For All Methods and Students

Within this field of work, there are as many approaches to manifesting as there are people. It can be tempting to fall into the “they’re not doing it right” club. We can feel like we’ve found the right way, the best way, the only way. We may feel like anyone who is utilizing any technique that you find useless is wasting their time and doesn’t get it. My thoughts are: Don’t fall into this trap. The moment we put down others is the moment we lose sight that everyone is unique and needs to approach things in unique ways.

For example, many come to Neville Goddard and insist that now that they understand his teachings, the rest are laughable. They might put down visions boards, affirmations, and journaling. Yet, Neville Goddard’s teachings are packed with the value of feeling into “I am”, which is the first affirmation of existence. He encouraged repetition as he said that it will feel foreign at first but with repetition the feeling of naturalness can be achieved. He didn’t speak of vision boards of course, but to keep an image in your mind’s eye is not contrary to keeping it in front of your physical eyes. You CAN benefit from it. Journaling is not necessary, but Neville didn’t discourage the writing. It is not in the writing that the power lies, but in the feeling… the state of consciousness you enter and stay. Writing does that sometimes.

Another example: first person present tense is how to clothe your desire in your consciousness. So, sometimes self-proclaimed experts kock down the use of “I will be” instead of “I am” or “it would be nice…” instead of “it’s nice…”. I see where this is coming from, but EVERYBODY IS WHERE THEY ARE and MANIFESTS FROM THERE. Didn’t mean to yell there ๐Ÿ˜„

For someone who feels very far from the relaization of their desire, to ask them to claim it in one single step and to become it is not altogether useful and can be discouraging and lead to more disbelief. However, they can get there relatively quickly by affirming first “it would be nice if…” Heck, if they’re visually motivated, a vision board is certainly not a waste of time. Is it necessary? Goodness, no. Your mind is all there is when it comes to manifesting, and you are doing it day in and day out… yet you are also looking at things around you all the time, maybe affirming the opposite of what you want, and maybe writing actual journal entries about disappointment and yearning. Switching these things are part of “becoming the new man”.

What I really wanted to express in this moment is that as much as “holier than thou” is tacky and not true, neither is “righter than thou”, especially when there is not one right or wrong way to experience a change in consciousness. It instead screams intolerance. And intolerance is in many ways the opposite of allowing… it is pushing against something someone else chooses, because you think everyone should be doing things the way you choose, not realizing that everyone has a very unique way of remembering that their consciousness is the only reality.

Be kind. Be allowing of others and their chosen processes. Everything, including these teachings, come to us at the perfect time. Applaud others for their enthusiasm and commitment… for their perseverance. See lovingly for all.

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Hi friends! If you’ve ever been interested in working with me 1 on 1 but was hesitant or thought you couldn’t afford my session rate, this is for you! As you’ve probably figured, I work from home most of the time. This means that I am still working. This also means that I can figure out more ways to accommodate more of you who want some insight on your manifesting journey through the teachings of Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks.

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Thank you to all of my readers, YouTube viewers and clients. If you have any other ideas on how I can be of service, feel free to suggest!

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