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The Game of Life

Manifesting consciously is about understanding the game instead of insisting on the battle. What you want comes to you when you let go of the battle and embrace the game.


What Would It Be Like If It Were True?

How to actually know what it is like when your wish is manifested.

The Law of Inverse Transformation- Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy

The practical use of The Law of Inverse Transformation as taught by Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy.

What Your DESIRE Really Is According to Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks

Your desire is guidance for you. It’s there for you to honor it and every desire has within it everything it needs in order to manifest into your physical experience.

Neville Goddard’s “Everyone Is You Pushed Out”

Using Neville Goddard’s “Everyone Is You Pushed Out” to change what you are attracting.


Manifesting Things With Ease

Things are attracted to you when you are in appreciation of them. Here is how to take something that means a lot to you and manifest it with ease.

Brazen Impudence In Manifesting

This is why brazen impudence is important in manifesting, and why Neville Goddard included it in his lectures.

No Charge Coaching and Counseling for Black Men and Women’s Mental Wellness

If I can help you, please let me know via the contact page on this site!

There Is Room For All Methods and Students

While you might feel pulled in different directions about the “right” way to manifest, realize that you can’t do it wrong.

I Just Added Extra Time For Discounted Law of Attraction Coaching Sessions!

Hi friends! If you’ve ever been interested in working with me 1 on 1 but was hesitant or thought you couldn’t afford my session rate, this is for you! As you’ve probably figured, I work from home most of the time. This means that I am still working. This also means that I can figure out more ways to accommodate more of you who … Read More I Just Added Extra Time For Discounted Law of Attraction Coaching Sessions!

Watch “Soulmate Stories #1 Armine and Tigran” on YouTube

Soulmate Saturdays with Michele Joy!

Hey there, friends! If you are into podcasts and/or have interest in soulmate manifesting, check out Michele Joy’s new podcast series named Soulmate Saturdays. She is an experienced law of attraction teacher and she is interviewing people who have at least one thing in common: they’ve manifested a soulmate relationship. Oh and you guessed it- the show airs on Saturdays! Check out today’s episode … Read More Soulmate Saturdays with Michele Joy!

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