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Telling Others About What We Are Working On Manifesting

Is it ok to talk about what I’m manifesting?

REPETITION In Manifesting

Neville’s “Desired States” and Abraham’s “Vortex”

The Vortex by Abraham Hicks is another word for Neville Goddard’s desired states.

TIMING of Your Manifestation

When will your manifestation show up?

Everyone Is You Pushed Out – Neville Goddard Practical Application

Neville Goddard’s “everyone is you pushed out” for insight on what we are doing in consciousness.

Thoughts On Remote Seduction

My thoughts on remote seduction, based on a background in the teachings of Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks.

Join us Talking Neville and Manifesting on Clubhouse!

Watch “Manifesting with JERRY EMEKA! Fun Times Talking Neville Goddard.” on YouTube

Armine and Jerry Emeka talk about Neville Goddard and manifesting stories

Join me on Clubhouse to talk about manifesting with I AM statements!

Changing the Reflection In The Mirror

You can only change your results by changing your state of being and changing your state is like playing a new role.

The Game of Life

Manifesting consciously is about understanding the game instead of insisting on the battle. What you want comes to you when you let go of the battle and embrace the game.


What Would It Be Like If It Were True?

How to actually know what it is like when your wish is manifested.

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