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Watch “Feeling It Real (For Real) Neville Goddard – Mini Series Part 3” on YouTube

Part 3 of Feeling it Real as Neville Goddard taught. Parts 1 and 2 linked in description.

Watch “Manifesting with JERRY EMEKA! Fun Times Talking Neville Goddard.” on YouTube

Armine and Jerry Emeka talk about Neville Goddard and manifesting stories

Does Manifesting Your Dream Seem Difficult?

If you have done some research on the law of attraction, then you may already know that things will happen as you expect them to, meaning that if you expect something to be hard, it will be. Conversely, if you believe something will be easy, it is. There’s a matter of resistance here. The actual fact that you think it will be difficult creates … Read More Does Manifesting Your Dream Seem Difficult?

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