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Celebrating A New Year (+ How It’s Like Any Other Moment In Life)

Manifesting for the New Year.

Clearing Up the Relationship Between Crystals and Manifesting

Crystals are popular. What are they useful for and are they important in order to match a vibration?

Trusting the Universe – Inverse Paranoid – Law of Attraction

How do you trust the Universe… if you don’t?

Law of Attraction – Night Method – Neville Goddard – Part 1

Law of Attraction – Night Method – Neville Goddard – Part 1 Armine Chitjian – Law of Attraction Coach, Los Angeles

Did I Manifest / Attract This?

In gaining awareness of the manifestation process, sometimes we tend to think that manifesting is something we must consciously set into motion. We think that we need to learn how to do it, otherwise the rest of the stuff we experience isn’t what we manifested- it just… happened? This video explains how manifesting is nothing new to you- only to your conscious awareness. Next … Read More Did I Manifest / Attract This?

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