“Two main features one can’t miss with/when it comes to Armine. The first is her Simplicity. She has a remarkable ability to simplify very deep metaphysical facts and then utilize or communicate them in such a way that almost anyone can readily understand and relate to. This is a talent in itself, but it also reflects a very high level of mastery. She simply knows what she’s doing, and she knows it so well she can re-present it in a much simpler and more intelligible and accessible way than usually presented. The second feature is her Sincerity. Armine puts her whole heart in whatever she does and especially in her work. I’m forever amazed by how much care and attention she gives to each and every client of hers, who therefore doesn’t really seem or feel like a client, but like an old friend or even family to her. Better yet, she doesn’t mean it. It’s her spontaneous and genuine energy that most people can instantly feel right away in their first contact with Armine. And to me at least this alone, truly, is worth it; it’s a blessing to be in the company of this wonderful, loving soul.”