I am so excited to be sharing information and insight on all the things I love pertaining to self-development and manifesting the good stuff!  

A very short while ago, I didn’t even know what a blog is.  Here I am with my own.  Go figure.  My plan is to have no plan.  While some might advise against this, I am going to post what I feel like posting and when I feel like posting.  At the moment, there exist so much information about mindfulness and co-creating through conscious manifesting that I don’t even know where to begin.  Yet, wordpress has reminded me that it is time for my first post.  I hope this little intro broke the ice, and that the universe inspires me to blog/vlog about the things that you want to hear!  I would love feedback from the community about what areas of manifesting you would like for me to focus on from time to time!  

Now that I can check “first blog post” off my to-do list, on to my own journey of conscious creation.  I will be reporting back with some sort of structured input soon! 

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