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Photo courtesy of Qtrix @

They say visualize.  Hold the image in your mind.  It will manifest.

The process of visualization has been rapidly getting more attention from the rise in awareness of the Law of Attraction.  Now, there is even more scientific evidence backing it up and making the entire concept less airy-fairy, including the research of a company called Praxis Now.  We all know what it means to visualize.  It’s imagining a picture in your mind, right?  “Image” in your mind= imagining= visualizing.  May not seem like a groundbreaking concept to many.  After all, if we’ve been visualizing all along, how come we haven’t already manifested everything we want?

I’ll ask you this:  How do you feel when you visualize what you want to attract?  When I first became interested in implementing the principles of manifesting and deliberate creation, I quickly took this into consideration.  It didn’t take long to understand what I, myself, had been doing for years that was keeping me away from my dreams.

While daydreaming, there was an underlying feeling of hopelessness.  In fact, it was such a habit that it felt almost comfortable.  I liked something about feeling melancholy and gazing up at the stars, dreaming a dream that was wonderfully far away.  There felt a certain separation between what I had been visualizing (dreaming) and the feeling of actually experiencing that as a reality.  This is what I changed.

The key to visualization is to assume that you are living the dream.  It will seem silly at first.  In fact, it might take a few tries, since the mind pattern around dreaming your dream has always defaulted to seeing and feeling yourself removed from the actual dream.  You can stop and rewind, trying it again.  Your mind will want to go back to the old habit, but you can stop, go back, and gently steer your feelings to the current state of experiencing your visualization.  You might have to do this just once or a few times and that’s okay, because it only takes a few tries for your mind to begin wrapping itself around experiencing the feeling state of what you are visualizing.

It might start off feeling a bit robotic, but this won’t last for long, especially if you truly want your desire.  There will be emotions involved, and soon you will really feel emotions triggered by the feeling of having it.  You will find yourself smiling here and there during it, then smiling pretty foolishly, then maybe more physical signs like getting choked up.  Eventually, the emotions will seem to consume you and your entire body will feel as though it is true.  This is your turning point.  This is when the manifestation of your desire is about to show up.  Hold on to this feeling for as long as you can, and it does not have to be for more than a few minutes.  If you can fall sleep in this state, even better.  Repeat this regularly.  It really doesn’t matter if you skip a day or if you do it once, twice, or three times a day.  The effectiveness only depends on doing it right and capturing the feeling of already experiencing it then repeating it somewhat regularly. This consistency keeps telling your mind, “This is what I want.”

“So, that’s it?  It’s just going to show up?  I don’t have to DO anything?”

Well, you DID something in this exercise.  What you DID was you programmed your subconscious mind to be attracted to that outcome, and this will reflect in your behavior- the choices you make throughout the day.  You will end up making daily choices that lead you one step to the next, all leading up to your physical manifestation that is experienced now by your physical senses.  When you think you’re picking a random place to have lunch, your mind is going to rear you towards where opportunity lies.  You will notice that what before seemed like insignificant choices throughout your day are now influenced by your subconscious mind to lead you toward what you are positively focused on and have established to your mind that you truly want, rather that toward what you feel stuck in having to settle with.

This is the base of understanding the way visualizing works.  I’ve read many times how meditation and visualizing is not enough to get you where you want to be- that you need to take action.  Well of course you do, sillies.  We are taking actions every day.  Only now, they will be inspired actions that will get you to the place you want to be so much more smoothly and easily.  Forced action can bring results, but a lack of clarity and tuning in to what you really want it to be like when you get there, can lead to action that is an uphill struggle to mediocre results.  Get in touch with what you want to feel like when you get where you want to be.  Let your true self understand what your destination is, and it will inspire you to the best way to get there.  You will be more at ease when making choices and the choices will serve you better.

There is one more thing I’d like to address today, and that is the way it will feel when you experience the physical manifestation of your dream.  It’s going to feel natural.  Don’t be surprised when this happens.  In fact, it’s going to feel so natural that you will probably smile instead of scream from surprise.  There’s a good reason for this: you already experienced all this through your exercises.  Your mind is used to this being reality.  It is already familiar with the concept of your dream.  So, when you can see it through your physical eyes, it feels absolutely natural.  You’re going to smile a lot and be amazed at your own power the first few times, but then it will become completely natural, and the amazement will turn to mostly gratitude and appreciation.  You will be a master of conscious manifesting.

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  1. Hi Armine! I found your blog by googling you from another website and I’m glad I did. Your articles are great and your advice continues to help me with visualization and manifestation. Thank you so much! 🙂

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