Alright… forget the times you’ve heard the word “expect” used as in, “I expected more from you!”, “I expect my fair share!”, and “I expect an apology!”

Those uses, in the Law of Attraction world, are clearly not true to the meaning.  So, be careful when you are contemplating if it’s okay to expect something you are desiring.  Yes, you should expect it.  “If you are not expecting it, you are not allowing it,” as it says in “Ask and It Is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

But that’s not the expect that we have used as a demand or an ultimatum.  It’s not a forced expect- an angry one that comes along when we feel like we need something in order to justify our own deserving.  It’s not the one we use when we are disappointed, either.

The true expect is when used as expecting your next meal… expecting a package in the mail… expecting a friend for dinner… expecting your paycheck… expecting for your car to turn on when you turn your key in the ignition (or press the button, or take your foot off the break, however yours works)… expecting an annual holiday, expecting summer break, expecting your child to hug you, expecting a ticket you just bought at the booth will get you into the movie theater.

Generally, these things involve no tension.  They are “expected”.  There isn’t questioning it, and it usually works out.  We don’t even notice how well it works out until we have an off moment and one of those things doesn’t turn out as planned.

So, if you’re working vibrationally to experience the physical manifestation of your desire, please expect it.  Why would you even bother “working” on your vibration if you have an underlying hesitancy about letting yourself expect it?  Forget the word “expect” as that ill-used negative expression.  True expectation is a much softer, smoother vibration and that is how it is indicated by accompanying emotions.  It feels smooth and safe and good.

Do it.  Then let us know how awesome things are working out.  Thanks   🙂

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