I’m currently based in Los Angeles, and I can certainly speak for my own environment and say that there is a tremendous community of “conscious” or “mindful” human beings. With trendy spots like Cafe Gratitude and countless metaphysical shops and practitioners including reiki, yoga, spiritual healers and meditation centers in and around Los Angeles, there’s no shortage of people here who will say the Law of Attraction is part of their conscious lifestyle.

With that, there are a good number of these human beings who are living prosperous lifestyles. They have beautiful homes with beautiful views, in beautiful neighborhoods. They afford the marked up goods, enjoy the luxurious amenities and clothe themselves and their families in wonderfully high quality threads.

What about the rest of the “conscious” or “spiritual” community? We’re living in an era where it is more widely accepted that abundance and prosperity are a natural part of spirituality, not a contradiction to it. So, why do so many of us take on so much knowledge and engage in communal activities within the law of attraction believers yet aren’t reaching those places of ease and prosperity?  Why are there so many friend circles in conscious communities who like to frequently use words like manifest, meditate, vibration, law of attraction, awareness, mindfulness, frequency and energy and at the end of the day they are struggling with lack in their life- be it financial, relationship or wellness related?

Understanding consciousness is not enough. Being aware of our thoughts is not enough. Going to seminar after seminar, reading book after book and attending event after event on this spiritual science or philosophy stuff is not enough.

Some of you may be familiar with The Kybalion, a book based on Hermetic philosophy written early in the 20th century. If you haven’t heard of it, then check it out… or not. You’re led to it when you’re ready for it. I’d like to made another post or video on the Kybalion in the future, but today there’s one thing I’m focusing on from this source- and that’s the Law of Use.

What is the Law of Use? It is the concept that knowledge (like anything else really) has virtually no purpose if it is not used. My point here is why delve deep into knowledge and not use it? To contemplate it? To philosophize day in and day out and go to sleep feeling lack and unfulfilled?

No. If there is one thing I can offer to you dear people who are familiar with the law of attraction and mental alchemy, it is the encouraging words to change this now. Most of us experience this at one point or another, and the only thing to really take away here is don’t let the knowledge be your life. USE the knowledge to align with the life you prefer. That means to accept that there is no result without a change in mindset. Gaining knowledge does not change a mindset. It does not shift your vibration in a way that gets you to a more preferable place. It is the application of knowledge – the use of it – that changes everything.

I encourage you to play around with this today and ask yourself in any given moment, “Am I applying this knowledge or just praising it? Am I using this knowledge – benefitting myself and others – or am I just thinking about how great of a concept it is?”

Blessings to you.

Armine Chitjian- Law of Attraction Coach, Los Angeles

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