“Self love- you need to practice self love.” Now when someone comes at you with this, and you don’t particularly see yourself as a self-hating loner, it doesn’t seem like that’s the answer. Self love is this elusive thing that is put out there as if we either have it or we don’t… is it even something you have or do or… hmmm. This can get sticky.

It’s not something you are or aren’t doing, it’s not something you have or don’t have. Self love is a feeling, a state. A conviction that feels like ease. It’s not about defending your rights, about your worth, about your past and how it has psychologically affected you. Now I’m not one to say hey, self love’s not important in manifesting something. It’s part of it. However, if you don’t “have self love”, you’re still manifesting… and taking a look at your circumstances is a tell-tale sign of what you are doing in the vibrational association with self-love. It’s not meant to be much more complicated than that, and getting overwhelmed with emotion around the subject can tend to bring the need for complexity with it. “If it’s such an important part of my life – if I feel so strongly about it – then it is complicated.” Boom. Before you know it, you’ve justified something having to be hard when it’s not. Oh but it will be, because you have “baptized” it so.

So, don’t worry about self-love. That doesn’t mean don’t practice it… it means exactly what I wrote: don’t WORRY about it. Instead, give yourself a break. For the love of self.


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