For years, I’ve had this blog space and it has been often an afterthought- if any thought! I have been giving much of my intention to working with people one on one, creating content for my YouTube channel Manifest With Armine, and navigating my way through social media feeds and groups, while this little gem had been left in the rough. Once in a while, I have posted some of my YouTube uploads here, but I want to give more love to this website.

It seems with all the platforms around, we jump from one to another, so this would be a perfect place for it all to come together for me. It would be wonderful to organize one main site from which my viewers, readers, friends can come to one spot and find all the information I have been putting out into the universe- both the free stuff and the services, too.

With that said, you will be seeing more of me here and I would just LOVE to hear what you want more of… what do you want to learn more about? What do you need help with right now? What type of law of attraction questions are lingering for you that could get nipped in the bud once and for all? Also, let me know what you are looking for from me… do you want to know about my upcoming law of attraction courses? Interested in joining the upcoming law of attraction membership site? Do you want more Neville Goddard tutorials? More on Abraham Hicks? Tell me all about what you want to see here!

I look forward to seeing you here and learning more about how I can serve you on your journey of better understanding and applying the practical use of all things regarding the law of attraction, imagination, faith, the subconscious mind, etc. etc. etc.!

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