My wishes have been externalizing at super speed with super ease lately. Some of these things would be seen as small and some as pretty substantial! Along with that string of current events, I’ve been noticing that some of the things I deliberately manifest are also showing up in my dreams. I thought this is a perfect opportunity to get a little bit into what dreams mean, and what they are in terms of the law of attraction and manifesting.

Dreams are manifestations of our thoughts and feelings – in dream state. If you have been wanting something or some experience and it comes to you in your deeam state, then celebrate it and acknowledge that it is starting to show up for you. If your dream was not a preferred experience, then celebrate its opposite, which is your preferred experience. It is an opportunity to revise your inner conversations, and along with it, your vibration on the subject.

You will see dreams you are in alignment with and you will remember them when you are in alignment with it. This is probably why we do not remember most of our dreams… we are just not in alignment with it most of the time, like anything else we may or may not be a match to. Even memories come to us when we are a match to that memory. It shows us what we are doing in terms of feeling- even when we may not have noticed it before.

Dreams can seem like a surreal experience, and something they seem so real that it can be strange to wake up and realize it was a dream. The only thing to keep in mind when it comes to the dream state and what you see and FEEL in it, is that it is a type of “reality”… a state where you are working with the same thoughts and feelings as in this waking state. Ultimately, YOU in your own CONSCIOUSNESS will decide how to respond to your dream state experiences, and it will absolutely give you an edge over thinking that dreams just happen randomly. Revise the dreams you didn’t enjoy, and celebrate the ones you DID enjoy… and continue to linger in that feeling until it manifests in your waking state.

Best to you this week and never hesitate to comment or email with your questions or stories. Thank you for being part of the Manifest With Armine community!


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