At the risk of being that super enthusiastic person in the room going on and on about why something is the BEST EVER, I present to you Neville Goddard’s Your Faith Is Your Fortune as being possibly HIS BEST WORK EVER. Now, I’ll admit that I’ve felt that way about pretty much every work of his… whether it’s the first or tenth time I’m reading it. For the past month or two, it’s been this particular book of his- and every line in it is a star. It’s the source I’m quoting from most often, the source I’m turning to in my personal time for winding down along with a cup of tea or a bar of good chocolate. It is soothing, it is reassuring, it is practical, it is like a blanket that wraps you in its comfort.

When someone asks me which book is a good starter for Neville Goddard newbies, I have tended to point them towards The Power of Awareness. I stand by that piece of advice. Of course, everyone will have their own favorite to start with. I had been wondering if Your Faith Is Your Fortune could possibly win over my recommendation as the preferred “first” Neville book, but I think ultimately this one just stands alone and will find you at the right time.

Some come into Neville’s teachings from a religious background, while others come to his work from no previous education on the bible. The beauty is, neither is an advantage nor a disadvantage. Some love that he refers to the bible, and some just go along with the bible references as an extra component that happens to line up with the Law. It doesn’t really matter. One thing for sure is that if you have any problem with the word “God”, or negative associations with the bible, then you will probably not recieve Neville’s message clearly. You will be distracted. HOWEVER, with the perseverence he himself teaches, if the core of his message speaks to you, then you will quickly forget those associations and they will no longer distract from the message.

This wasn’t meant to be a synopsis of the book, but a spotlight on its purity, directness, and astonishing practicality. If you love Neville already, have read a couple other of his books, or maybe have only listened to some lectures, you will most likely love this book and keep it near and dear. Powerful truths come through simplicity, and Neville’s books are as clear and simple as it comes. Sometimes we’re looking for solutions to complex problems, and sometimes for a book to wind down with… and the answers to both types of wishes will always lie within the pages of Neville books, Your Faith Is Your Fortune being one of them that does not cease to amaze me in concept and in use.

Have a lovely week!

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