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Your Faith Is Your Fortune – Neville’s Best Book?

At the risk of being that super enthusiastic person in the room going on and on about why something is the BEST EVER, I present to you Neville Goddard’s Your Faith Is Your Fortune as being possibly HIS BEST WORK EVER. Now, I’ll admit that I’ve felt that way about pretty much every work of his… whether it’s the first or tenth time I’m … Read More Your Faith Is Your Fortune – Neville’s Best Book?

Neville Goddard’s The Power of Awareness First Edition, Signed!

I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I picked this up in a nearby city. Sometimes I think that the childlike enthusiasm is depleted from us- then something like this happens. It’s beautiful!!!   Armine Chitjian, Law of Attraction Coach and Consultant Los Angeles / New York

Neville Goddard Testimonial

There’s a lot to say about Neville Goddard and his teachings, and I’m starting with my testimonial of how his methods work- and flawlessly. Enjoy!

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