Will power: the strength to not eat that doughnut, to not cut corners, to get off the couch and move your body, to get that to-do list checked off. The power to resist and act, to control and refrain. To take action on the right things and cut out the action on the “no-nos”. When you have will power, you are great at controlling your ACTIONS. Right? 🤔

Hmmmm, but that’s not true. That’s not what will power actually IS. No wonder so many of us struggle, running around in circles and feeling guilty about how weak we are when it comes to good old “will power”.

There’s great news, my dears. The only way to have will power that is of true value to you is to acknowledge the one and only will- the will of the mind and imagination. Don’t get this all wrong though… that doesn’t mean there isn’t ever struggle in it. Oh man, sometimes it feels like a daunting task, and oddly enough, only because we give ourselves such a hard time about letting ourselves feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. That is why Neville Goddard said to persevere; to remain in a assumption. The only struggle there might ever be is within yourself. If you are struggling to not eat that doughnut, or to get that task done or to get in shape… it is FAR from truth that the actual ACTION is where your weak point is. The first cause is always mental. The cause for your physical wellbeing, your financial prosperity, your interpersonal relationship happiness is what you are imagining day in and day out. That is what is setting you up for success or failure. That is what causes your impulses. Your disinterest in taking action that you logically know you should be taking in order to accomplish anything is only rooted in your concept of self.

If you think that will power is about training your actions, then you will have a much harder time getting only a fraction of your desired results. The actions should come with natural ease and no effort will come close to the work that the imagination does.

Practice reacquainting yourself with what will power is, and you will spend more time enjoying the unfolding of your manifestations.

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