Hi friends! If you’ve ever been interested in working with me 1 on 1 but was hesitant or thought you couldn’t afford my session rate, this is for you! As you’ve probably figured, I work from home most of the time. This means that I am still working. This also means that I can figure out more ways to accommodate more of you who want some insight on your manifesting journey through the teachings of Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks.

Here is what is new and exciting (if I may say so myself 😉):

I am temporarily opening up time for FIVE additional thirty minute sessions weekly. These will be just $50 (my usual half-hour rate is $150!) I usually am strict with the amount of appointments I will take weekly because work-life balance is important for everyone, but since it seems like many of us are home now with more free time in general, I am happy to open up this space and at a more widely affordable price. As an important side note, please consider that my kids will be home. These will be casual calls- even more casual than usual ☺ but still very focused!

For those of you who are interested, please contact me at hello@manifestwitharmine.com

If you prefer email coaching, I am happy to offer email coaching at $99/month also for a limited time. This is perfect for those of you who don’t choose face to face communication and need some regular insight on manifesting, OR if you’d like to combine this with a session here and there. Either way works!

If this is more appealing to you, please also contact me at hello@manifestwitharmine.com.

Thank you to all of my readers, YouTube viewers and clients. If you have any other ideas on how I can be of service, feel free to suggest!

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