Within this field of work, there are as many approaches to manifesting as there are people. It can be tempting to fall into the “they’re not doing it right” club. We can feel like we’ve found the right way, the best way, the only way. We may feel like anyone who is utilizing any technique that you find useless is wasting their time and doesn’t get it. My thoughts are: Don’t fall into this trap. The moment we put down others is the moment we lose sight that everyone is unique and needs to approach things in unique ways.

For example, many come to Neville Goddard and insist that now that they understand his teachings, the rest are laughable. They might put down visions boards, affirmations, and journaling. Yet, Neville Goddard’s teachings are packed with the value of feeling into “I am”, which is the first affirmation of existence. He encouraged repetition as he said that it will feel foreign at first but with repetition the feeling of naturalness can be achieved. He didn’t speak of vision boards of course, but to keep an image in your mind’s eye is not contrary to keeping it in front of your physical eyes. You CAN benefit from it. Journaling is not necessary, but Neville didn’t discourage the writing. It is not in the writing that the power lies, but in the feeling… the state of consciousness you enter and stay. Writing does that sometimes.

Another example: first person present tense is how to clothe your desire in your consciousness. So, sometimes self-proclaimed experts kock down the use of “I will be” instead of “I am” or “it would be nice…” instead of “it’s nice…”. I see where this is coming from, but EVERYBODY IS WHERE THEY ARE and MANIFESTS FROM THERE. Didn’t mean to yell there 😄

For someone who feels very far from the relaization of their desire, to ask them to claim it in one single step and to become it is not altogether useful and can be discouraging and lead to more disbelief. However, they can get there relatively quickly by affirming first “it would be nice if…” Heck, if they’re visually motivated, a vision board is certainly not a waste of time. Is it necessary? Goodness, no. Your mind is all there is when it comes to manifesting, and you are doing it day in and day out… yet you are also looking at things around you all the time, maybe affirming the opposite of what you want, and maybe writing actual journal entries about disappointment and yearning. Switching these things are part of “becoming the new man”.

What I really wanted to express in this moment is that as much as “holier than thou” is tacky and not true, neither is “righter than thou”, especially when there is not one right or wrong way to experience a change in consciousness. It instead screams intolerance. And intolerance is in many ways the opposite of allowing… it is pushing against something someone else chooses, because you think everyone should be doing things the way you choose, not realizing that everyone has a very unique way of remembering that their consciousness is the only reality.

Be kind. Be allowing of others and their chosen processes. Everything, including these teachings, come to us at the perfect time. Applaud others for their enthusiasm and commitment… for their perseverance. See lovingly for all.

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