You can’t change the mirror, but you can change yourself. We’re not talking about changing who you really are! Your nature is God, source energy, etc. We’re talking about changing who you are BEING RIGHT NOW. We are all taking on roles, and sometimes we carry out those roles for a long time, or just for a bit. Do you like the role you’re playing? Are you playing the role of the person who gets overlooked, or of the one who is appreciated? Are you being the one who is living their purpose or are you being the one who is not clear about their path and is often frustrated?

It sounds like a game… like a fantasy. Yet, that’s what we’re doing here. We’re taking on self concepts and playing them out. If you are willing to accept seeing it that way, then you can test it and see for yourself.

This is what Neville meant when he spoke of “Changing the Feeling of I”. You switch your prespective into a new version of you, and feel that out. When you change what you are ‘being’, then you are giving yourself the gift of shifting in consciousness and expanding.

Let me know in the comments if who you are being is who you truly want to be or if you are looking for a change in the role you are playing! Tell me what area of your life experience can use a shift into a new state.

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