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Can You Manifest For other People? – Law of Attraction

Is this BS or can we really manifest something for another person?

How To Be Detached From An Outcome – Law of Attraction

HOW do we detach? What about when you want something SO much?

Manifesting Multiple Things At The Same Time – Law of Attraction

What if there is more than one thing you want to manifest right now? Watch to see if you can change more than one thing at a time or if focus requires one at a time…

Can You Attract A Specific Person – Law of Attraction

Sooooo CAN you attract a specific person? Here’s the deal.

Law of Attraction – My Current Favorite Manifesting Technique

When the internet is flooded with sources telling you the “best” and “easiest” way to deliberate manifesting, there really isn’t a “best”, only different techniques for different times and circumstances… and it’s all subjective and according to personal preference. No one technique or method for manifesting is a one-size-fits-all. Law of Attraction – My Current Favorite Manifesting Technique Armine Chitjian – Law of Attraction … Read More Law of Attraction – My Current Favorite Manifesting Technique

Did I Manifest / Attract This?

In gaining awareness of the manifestation process, sometimes we tend to think that manifesting is something we must consciously set into motion. We think that we need to learn how to do it, otherwise the rest of the stuff we experience isn’t what we manifested- it just… happened? This video explains how manifesting is nothing new to you- only to your conscious awareness. Next … Read More Did I Manifest / Attract This?

Ignore Current Reality?

There’s a misconception regarding the “ignore current reality” concept. We must not deny what our physical senses see… we must acknowledge it for what it is. We must give it credit, and only THEN switch focus to our preferred reality- the reality we have now chosen to assume is truth, and is in the process of physical manifestation. To pretend the current reality isn’t … Read More Ignore Current Reality?

“If you’re not expecting it, you’re not allowing it.”

Alright… forget the times you’ve heard the word “expect” used as in, “I expected more from you!”, “I expect my fair share!”, and “I expect an apology!” Those uses, in the Law of Attraction world, are clearly not true to the meaning.  So, be careful when you are contemplating if it’s okay to expect something you are desiring.  Yes, you should expect it.  “If … Read More “If you’re not expecting it, you’re not allowing it.”

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