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Manifesting Multiple Things At The Same Time – Law of Attraction

What if there is more than one thing you want to manifest right now? Watch to see if you can change more than one thing at a time or if focus requires one at a time…

Law of Attraction – Remote Seduction and Remote Influence

Does It Work? Watch and see what I know for sure! Law of Attraction – Remote Seduction and Remote Influence   Armine Chitjian- Law of Attraction Coach, Los Angeles

Law of Attraction: Can you Attract Your Ex Back?

Here’s the video I promised you about attracting an “ex” and manifesting a relationship!

Understanding Relationships Through The Law Of Attraction

In our moments of deepest hurt and offense, accept that it is our subconscious mind that is bringing up these situations with these people as an indicator of what is going on inside ourselves.

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