Thirteenth century poet Rumi did not use the term Law of Attraction.  Yet, he understood the very essence of metaphysical laws and principles.  The quote above is something that would get a different reaction depending in which scenario it is used.  Among best friends during a good time, they would quickly agree.  Well, try saying it to someone you can’t stand… or someone who can’t stand you.  If you can flash these words through your mind in such circumstances, then you have harnessed the timeless power of the Law of Attraction.

We are all different versions of one another.  We are parts of the same whole, and as parts, we are also the whole.  When you look at someone in a moment of frustration- in a moment of resentment and desperation- there is one question to ask.  How is this a reflection of me?  What am I believing about myself that is showing up to me as this person?

In our moments of deepest hurt and offense, accept that it is our subconscious mind that is bringing up these situations with these people as an indicator of what is going on inside ourselves.  That is the only answer.  To understand the root belief or paradigm that the situation is tied to might take some digging, but not very much.  Meridian tapping or EFT can bring this to the surface in a matter of minutes.  For what seems like the deep hurt- a relationship that has been suffering for long, where reconciliation looks impossible and communication useless- turn inward and allow the true causation to present itself.  Causation is always a thought or belief, and once the cause surfaces, it no longer bears power over you or your relationships.

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