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Assuming A State (A la Neville Goddard)

What did Neville mean when he spoke of assuming a state? He simplifies it well, and gives basic and specific examples. When you listen to his original lectures, it’s almost mind-boggling how he brings it down to purity. Assuming a state does not mean thinking about it. It means thinking from it. Assume the state of the wish fulfilled. Genius. This is how I … Read More Assuming A State (A la Neville Goddard)

My Opinion On Vision Boards- And Do They “Work”?

  This is not a tutorial on how to make a vision board. It’s my perspective of vision boards (ie they are effective?). I’ll post a “How to Make a Vision Board” sometime in the future- in other words: when I feel like it 🙂 Send me your stories about your experience with vision boards!

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