What did Neville mean when he spoke of assuming a state? He simplifies it well, and gives basic and specific examples. When you listen to his original lectures, it’s almost mind-boggling how he brings it down to purity.

Assuming a state does not mean thinking about it. It means thinking from it. Assume the state of the wish fulfilled. Genius.

This is how I think of it sometimes: it’s like standing by the door in a room and then switching your perspective to as though you are standing by the window, which could be across the room from that door.

Assuming a state comes with a shift in perspective. You know you’re assuming that state if you’re taking on the world from the perspective of the state of that wish fulfilled.

The bit of advice I have today is to bring the “dreaminess” of your wish down a few notches. Seeing your wish as a dream that will solve all your problems is not allowing it to manifest in a time-space reality where imperfection is natural and good. Yes, it will feel like a dream when it manifests, but it will also feel natural and life will go on pretty naturally in many ways. Things will feel greater. The sun will shine brighter. Yet, that annoying telemarketer will probably still call during dinner and traffic could still exist too. Ya know what I mean?

Tie your wish fulfilled into your life the way it is now. Clothe it in reality and it will be that much easier to assume its state. Get into the state of that wonderful experience existing in your life now. Just because something you want may seem out there doesn’t mean it’s out-of-reach. Assume the state of it as here and now, and you will notice you start seeing the world from that perspective. You’ll feel different. Like you’re looking around the room from by the window, not from by the door anymore. That’s not too hard to do.

Armine Chitjian- Law of Attraction Coach, Los Angeles

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