Alright, so you are in a passionate upheaval to get your ex back.  It’s okay.  I’ve been there.  I’ll just admit it.  You have done illogical things for the sake of love and are at the point where you don’t even care if you look stupid, lose your pride and dignity all at once.  You want your heart to be full and you want only that person with whom you first felt that exhilarating emotion.  You don’t want to let it go.  It is your hope for true love and nobody can be better for you.  In fact, you will sacrifice your own dreams to support theirs and just being in their life is all you want. As much criticism as you are getting from your friends and family who may know about your love quest, you are going through something that you need to go through, whatever the reason maybe be.  Honestly, you don’t need to know the reason.  Get it out of your system and do the stupid things.  This experience is part of your expansion. Are you going to get your ex back?  That depends on so many things.  Maybe yes and maybe no.  More importantly, do you (your higher self) truly want to re-embark on a relationship journey that is born of such desperation?  I can guarantee you that if your ex partner comes into your life again at this point in time- from where you are vibrating– it is not going to be that joyful bliss that you are truly seeking. Let’s step back and look at this from a broader perspective.  You want to be happy.  Right?  That is why you are after your ex- because you have convinced yourself that doing so is going to make you so, so happy.  And that’s okay.  Then what?  Still feeling down?  Feeling the lack of that very happiness?  It can’t come that way. Give yourself the gift of centering and see if you can accept that the basis of why you want your ex back is to be happy… to love and be loved.  To feel that feeling you are associating with it.  Even if you want to resist what I’m about to say, I’m going to put it out there because on a higher level, you know this already: The person is a physical manifestation of that feeling.  The actual person is not what you are truly seeking.  This hurts, I know.  The great news is that your ex might be it!  I wouldn’t rule it out. However, if you can bring yourself from “I want his/her love, I want his/her love,” to a place of “I want love (hopefully it’s his/hers but with whomever it will be the most awesome experience).”  This alone is a huge step toward the bliss you seek.  Don’t tell yourself you can’t have your ex, and don’t insist that he/she is the only one who you can experience happiness with.  Opening yourself that much takes little practice and moves you far toward the manifestation!

10 Comments on “Are You Desperately Trying to Attract Your Ex Back Into Your Life?

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  2. I get so confused and that is probably why I am unable to manifest a relationship with him or someone better. I don’t feel like I couldn’t be with another person but I feel like I can’t be alone. And that is bringing more loneliness. And when he told me that he is in a new happy relationship my world fell apart even more. How can I get myself back on track?

    • Hi Michelle! It looks like you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself. That is likely to be a reason why you feel confused or frustrated. Some good news for you is that you don’t have to know everything right now and things will start to fall into place naturally when you allow yourself to loosen up the pressure you have on yourself. That blocks the flow of good things (and any answers you might be looking for) from showing up in your experience. It’s something you play around with, so don’t worry if it’s a back and forth thing at first, with sometimes feeling relaxed, then getting confused again. Just choose to loosen up about the whole thing and decide that instead of worrying by thinking what if things never work out, you are going to be open and assume that the best man for you is on his way. Remember, anyone who shows up while you are feeling this way isn’t likely to be a match to your true self. Start thinking like a more confident and self-loving (at least self-accepting) version of yourself, and you couldn’t keep love away even if you tried.

  3. HI Armine,

    My boyfriend and I just broke up because of stupid mistakes that I’ve made. We have been on and off for 1 year now. I really don’t want to lose him. Is there something I can do to get him back? He says he still cares about me a lot, but we don’t have a future. Please help me,

    • Hi Priscilla,
      When you say you made mistakes that led to the breakup, that’s a broad concept. Do you feel that the mistakes were from fear, or maybe habit? Relationships and all things in life are always changing and developing, so I suggest you not define anything as an end or beginning… it’s all parts of the path and sometimes defining a beginning or an end can make it harder to see true possibility. Why were you on and off? What were the emotional triggers that kept it from being a steady relationship? What were you and he doing/feeling/thinking that made things on and off?

  4. Hi Armine, My girlfriend broke up with me 3mnths ago out of the blue after being together for 5 months.She said it was because she wanted to concentrate much on her studies and she still loves me but we can’t date for now blah blah.I couldn’t believe her or stand the break up and ended up making big mistakes of begging and pleading with her for at least to try and balance the two(relationship and studies) and all of that pushed her further away.I kept pushing and luking desperate until she confessed that the break up wasn’t about the studies,she is actually dating someone.She told me alot of heart crushing things like she nolonger loves me and she doesn’t knw if we’d hve another chance in future.She told me that if it happens that she wants me again in future she will just tell me she wants to be kissed,LOL… that gave me a little window of hope.Its been 8 days now since i initiated no contact with her and i am using law of attraction to manifest her back.Its not easy because the negative thoughts are a bit stronger than positive ones but thngs are getting better by the day because of the positive affirmations that i always say almost all the time.I visualize her texting me saying she wants to meet me and talk and the two of us being in a happy strong relationship than before.I have stong faith in the universe but i’m still trying to let go of fear, letting go,loving myself and trying to be happy .I’m also sending loving energies to her everyday….. Am i going to win back the love of my life?… Please help and motivate me if i am in the right path of manifesting her back..thank u…

    • Hi kayz! I would advise that you loosen up around the subject. Remember that YOUR feelings are more important than any circumstance and do not sacrifice your peace of mind for anything or anyone. Then, you are ready to play around with your emotions and understand them enough to be aware of when you are too tense around the topic of this relationship. When you can get that far, you’re better off than you think!

  5. Hi Armine,

    My Fiance and partner of 6 years broke up with me.
    We both had low vibrations lately. He is usually a very positive person but both of his parents passed away in the last year. He is going thru a life crisis and grieving. I admit that I have been negative with things thru our relationship. We had problems but overall we had a great relationship. We were supposed to get married this year and start a family. I honestly don’t think he would have proposed if he truly didn’t want to be married . However I think he is taking everything out on me right now, and using me as a scapegoat. I just want him to realize that things will be better if we were to get back together. I am willing to change things about myself, not just for the relationship, but for my own life and well-being. I have become a more positive person in general and practice being more patient etc. I am having a problem with the whole letting him go part. I really want to be together again.

  6. Hello. I was in a 2.5 years relationship. Broke up for close to 4 months. I’m still in love with my ex-boyfriend but he has no more feelings for me. I did what I could and am wits end. He’s still cold to me, refused to meet me and etc. I’m desperately seeking help everywhere or do anything as long as my ex can come back to me. 😦

    • Be mindful of your words as they are self-fulfilling prophecies. That includes everything you write. For example, “he has no more feelings for me”. It is not possible to say one thing and attract the opposite. Best to you.

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