When we say you need to make that decision, what does decision mean to you?
I found it interesting that as a society, we make a decision generally implying that we “are going to do” something.  Or, that we “are going to take action”.  Soon.  We have made the decision to start.

And so, when it comes to metaphysical advice such as decide what you want, decide to be that person, decide to live in the reality you prefer…  that really implies that we have decided and in that moment, it is done.  Poof, complete, already shifted, new reality, boom, and so it is.  From then on, anything around you echoing the old is what seems out of place and does not bother us anymore because it is just not our reality anymore.  When you accept this and grasp its simplicity and realize that this is really the difference that changes suffering from lack into ease and experiencing your desire in emotional and physical manifestation… then go and try to convince others and see if they will believe you  🙂

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