If you’re thinking about the law of attraction in terms of the movie The Secret, it might not be an automatic connection to being brazen or brave… courageous in any way. However, once you get your hands into this manifesting stuff… creating with intention… you will likely encounter some moments when you realize the importance of brazen impudence. That’s what Neville Goddard called it, anyway. It’s not necessarily being brave or courageous. It means putting aside grasshopper thinking and becoming a giant. Do you want your old limiting sense of “deserving” – your old I AM – to keep you from who you are as your true nature? Then you must admit what you actually wish for, and stop leveling it down a notch just to make it feel more believable. You must rise to the state of the consciousness of your desire (which some of you Abraham Hicks students might know as “raising your vibration to the frequency of the thing desired”)

Take what you ACTUALLY want and become the version of you who is already naturally experiencing that. Don’t minimize it because it seems too big. Don’t negotiate it. Know who you are and you will know that at your command your wish is fulfilled. To compromise our full wish for any logical reasoning is to miss the mark. The dreamer in you is God. Honor him and you and do not settle. It is natural to experience exactly what you wished for. It is not selfish. It is part of the whole expansion of the universe, and it will have a benefit to the orchestration of the manifestations of many other people, most of which you are not even aware of.

Approach your feeling state with the brazen impudence it deserves and requires.

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