I used to have a bitter relationship with receiving flowers – more specifically, I would get upset that I didn’t really get flowers. Ok, ok – now, I’m not a diva or anything like that, but I must have had a strong desire to be gifted flowers and I was really aware of not having being the recipient of them very much! You can say that when I saw flowers anywhere, I had that association in the back of my mind (an awareness) that “I never get flowers”.

A few years ago, I was visiting my sister’s house and as I walked in, I noticed a fresh arrangement of flowers in the foyer. This is a common occurrence, because they go to many events and come home with various arrangements from the events. I can’t remember right now what flowers they were this particular day, but in that moment, I was in so much appreciation of their beauty that I told myself “these flowers were here for me to enjoy”. That’s exactly how I felt, and that’s what I confirmed to myself and forgot about them. A couple hours later while still at my sister’s house, I got a call from an unfamiliar number. It turned out to be a local florist checking on my home address for a delivery. I though hmmm… ok. I was able to have them deliver to my sister’s place since I wasn’t going to be home for a bit longer. Mind you, I had completely forgotten about my previous rendezvous with the flowers in the foyer.

The delivery came and it was a beautiful arrangement of flowers from my boyfriend, who did not have the habit of buying flowers and whom I had not even spoken to that day. It came with a letter he wrote out for me. Well… I felt appreciative of flowers that were there for me to appreciate and a bouquet with my name on it and a love letter followed.

Being grouchy and having negative associations with anything keeps the thing desired out of our lives. Without alignment of being the recipient of it, we cannot be that. Man can receive that which he sees himself receiving. When flowers mattered to me only because I felt like I didn’t have them or couldn’t get them… when I felt like they weren’t for me – they weren’t. The moment I felt appreciation for the universe for sending me flowers to appreciate, more came to me and from an unpredictable source. My boyfriend wasn’t in the habit of having the florist send me bouquets of flowers. It wasn’t a holiday- and even if it had been, flowers were not usually in the picture.

What can you manifest into your experience right now by just loosening up some bitter associations and feeling like anything around you is intended for you to enjoy? What can you attract by simply feeling the ease and gratitude of its beauty in your presence? Flowers may seem like a small manifestation to you, but to me it was something that was blocked for a long time, and the process to manifest all things (no matter how big and important it seems) is the same. Feel yourself into being the recipient of the good you desire. Be that version of you and it will show up – and if you’re not home, then they will even call and bring it where you are. You are always in the right place at the right time. See yourself as receiving your good.

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