Neville Goddard consistently posed the question about desires to his audience: What would it be like if it were a present fact? What what it be like if it were true?

So, I now ask you what it would really be like. We tend to start off with a broad description, like “it would feel good” or it would feel “amazing”. Now dig a bit deeper, because a broad description such as those suggests that you have been so wrapped up in the wanting, that you haven’t actually allowed the feeling of its reality to sink in to your subconscious mind. It’s so easy to talk about what we’ve had enough of, what we’re tired of, what frustrates us, hurts us, confuses us, blocks us… wouldn’t it make sense to give at least an equal opportunity to exploring how you feel about what you DO want?

Yes, it feels good. It feels natural, it feels comforting. It feels thrilling. It feels easy. It feels like relief. It feels like you are worthy and blessed. It feels warm and cozy. It feels exciting. It feels kick-ass.

Which of the above sound right? Take one or two. Build on them. Get only as specific as it takes for you to feel a rush, to feel the change in emotion, then take a nap.

So often we think that having what we want feels so distant, and sometimes it feels close, but close is no cigar. You need to slip INTO the you who is already experiencing it and what you know about your current experiences is that they tend to feel pretty natural. It doesn’t feel like “out there” it feels very “you”, at least it does pretty quickly.

Start to accept that anything you wish is already a given option, and let it feel as natural in coming as that steak you just ordered (we had dinner at Taylor’s Steakhouse tonight, so that was my nearest comparison 👌). If you are having some confusion about how to ‘believe’ that, well you can play around with the idea. Contemplate it. Act in your mind as though it were true. You choose things in life by the direction of your focus. Are you focused on the lack of what you want and rationalizing the ways it could possibly happen? Or are you falling asleep ALREADY that version of you?

You must get yourself into that state before you can really know what it is like when that fact is what we call true. You must get comfortable and playful and at rest. Anything else will make it harder for you to sink into a feeling of something being real, which evidence denies. Knowing what your life would be like with your wish a fact is much easier when you are at ease and not focused so strongly on its physical absense. Gently bring focus on its presence. Gently redirect focus to the state of consciousness in which your wish is a reality and you are experiencing it in your imaginal senses and allowing yourself to be emotionally moved by this.

That is enough for you to know exactly what it is like, and that happens to be exactly how to manifest it.

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