Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy are both accredited for explaining the Law of Inverse Transformation, and nearly word for word matching its definition. In Neville’s book Prayer: The Art of Believing, his clear explanation is nearly word for word repeated in an audio recording of Murphy’s. It seems to me that he is maybe even reading from Neville’s book. Murphy does, however, add his own stories and examples as usual. He is known to be quite the story teller with his own books being filled to the brim with what we might call “testimonials” or case studies.

So what is this Law of Inverse Transformation, and why is it not more widely spoken of? First, let’s define it:

“If a physical fact can produce a psychological state, a psychological state can produce a physical fact.”

Very clear as it is, I’ll attempt to put it in more practical terms: if a thing (object, experience, person, etc.) would bring you a certain feeling, then that feeling would bring to you the thing. This is all based in the Law of Cause and Effect, which you can read about further in the Kybalion. The Law of Inverse Transformation reminds us that if we want something in order to feel a certain way, then feeling that way now will manifest the thing desired. This is also classic Abraham Hicks teaching. Feel it NOW. Become it NOW. Per Neville, enter the state and live in the end- in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Now, as for why a quick online search of this law would yield few results- it’s just not spoken of in those words very often. The concept is solid and it is an entirely practical one to understand. It is mostly the perspective that it offers. If you wonder why this “entering the state” works, well now you know why and you can approach it from a different angle.

I encourage you to apply your knowledge of this law today. Pick anything you have been wanting and apply it. No need to complicate it, no need to dive deeper. Start from the end, as it says in scripture.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

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