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Did I Manifest / Attract This?

In gaining awareness of the manifestation process, sometimes we tend to think that manifesting is something we must consciously set into motion. We think that we need to learn how to do it, otherwise the rest of the stuff we experience isn’t what we manifested- it just… happened? This video explains how manifesting is nothing new to you- only to your conscious awareness. Next … Read More Did I Manifest / Attract This?

Law of Attraction: Can you Attract Your Ex Back?

Here’s the video I promised you about attracting an “ex” and manifesting a relationship!

Me with Jack Canfield!

What is Holistic Life Coaching? Is it Therapy?

Time to answer some of your questions! Soooo, let’s start with one of the most basic and popular questions I get asked:  What is life coaching?  Is it like therapy?  What is holistic life coaching? Life coaching is a process and a partnership.  Your life coach does not teach you how to live your life nor tells you what to do.  In fact, it … Read More What is Holistic Life Coaching? Is it Therapy?

A Moment of Synchronicity Between the Physical and Non-Physical (HubPages)

Here’s an old article from my HubPages account about an experience worth remembering for us self-development junkies 🙂 http://localconnection.hubpages.com/hub/A-Moment-of-Synchronicity-Between-the-Physical-and-Non-Physical  

The Truth About Visualization And Its Effectiveness (What About Action?)

They say visualize.  Hold the image in your mind.  It will manifest. The process of visualization has been rapidly getting more attention from the rise in awareness of the Law of Attraction.  Now, there is even more scientific evidence backing it up and making the entire concept less airy-fairy, including the research of a company called Praxis Now.  We all know what it means … Read More The Truth About Visualization And Its Effectiveness (What About Action?)

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