Time to answer some of your questions!

Soooo, let’s start with one of the most basic and popular questions I get asked:  What is life coaching?  Is it like therapy?  What is holistic life coaching?

Life coaching is a process and a partnership.  Your life coach does not teach you how to live your life nor tells you what to do.  In fact, it is a lot more about gaining clarity on how the mind works, clearing blocks and limitations, and getting from where you are you where you want to be.

This is my approach to what life coaching or mind coaching or personal coaching is all about:


Your first step is gaining clarity on what your goals are, and the process of how to achieve them.

Your life coach keeps you focused on your goals- “where you want to be”.

You are committed to your success and maintain a sense of motivation.

Your life coach encourages you and sheds some perspective on limitation and doubts.

You are doing the work, which includes reprogramming your mind to be set up for success.

Your life coach shows you how to do this and is your accountability partner.

Life coaching is not therapy.  A healthy mind is the ideal starting point in a life coaching relationship.  Can you benefit from life coaching if you have some issues that you feel you need to overcome?  Yes, because when you retrain your mind and shift your mental paradigms, a lot of things fall into place.  Each individual is at a different place, and a consultation is a great way for a coach to evaluate if you could benefit from working with a personal coach at this time.

Some people who get a life coach are looking for some direction, which is okay.  A good life coach will help them learn how to gain clarity and tune in to their own intuition.  Others know what they want and understand the strong benefits of working with a life coach to achieve more success in various areas of their lives.  The most successful people have life coaches.  In fact, they sometimes have multiple life coaches for specific areas of their life.

Let’s be perfectly honest here.  Life coaching might be viewed as a luxury.  It is an intense and personal process that is all about you and your desires.  Not everybody is ready for this experience.  You are investing time, commitment, and money in your own transformation and focusing on the realization and fruition of your most compelling goals.  You don’t need a life coach to maintain an average lifestyle.  The question is: Do you want an average lifestyle?  I’m not only referring to financial success here- I’m referring to the level of your own happiness and success in life- whatever that may mean for you.  Nobody can decide for you that you need a certain amount of money, or a certain quality of relationships and health in your life to be happy.  Nor can anyone tell you what is enough, or that settling for what you already have (a misconception about gratitude) is a virtue in any way whatsoever.  It is you who decides to be happy and to live the life that you already created in your mind throughout many years that has yet to be given a chance to manifest into your tangible world.

Holistic life coaching means that the life coach understands the metaphysical connection to everything we see as physically focused beings.  Our mind, body and spirit are not separately functioning tools, but they are all one and do influence each other in ways that are essential to understand in order to maintain balance and true happiness.  We are not in the business of treating symptoms.  Life coaches are part of your transformational journey as a complete person.  When you understand this, then you are likely a good candidate for life coaching, and you will have a strong advantage over those who have not yet understood the value in personal coaching.  Do you need to be “spiritual” in order to work with a life coach?  No.  Being honest and open are the basics and will take you far.

Thanks for the questions- I have many more Q & A’s coming soon!

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