How can you look at the “evils” that are presented in news, media, and our own communities on different levels and not resist it?  How can we see it and not fight to resolve it?

You cannot resolve evil by resisting it.  You cannot put your energy into the evil and ever make it go away.  It doesn’t work that way and it never has.  Resisting is revenge- it does not concern me whether it is for a “right, just cause” or for the “principle”.

The law of attraction enthusiasts know this well as the saying “what you resist persists,” so eloquently worded by Carl Jung.  When you push against something, in this case something that makes you feel uneasy and upset, you are contributing many fold to its existence.  We can see this in things that seem big and things that seem small.

If you find out someone has been gossiping about you- someone who you didn’t expect it from- it is hurtful.  You feel that you have done nothing to deserve it, and the person is doing it out of their own insecurity or jealousy.  Actually, we don’t give them that much credit.  Oftentimes, we quickly label and call names.  Of course they deserve it!  They are making up or spreading lies about me and they don’t even know me!

We spend days, weeks, months, years having quiet conversations with them in our own minds- what we would say and how we would say it.  How we would give this person a piece of our mind.  We set a scene and place ourselves in there as the victim and imagine putting that person in their place for even daring to make us look bad.

Oh my.  We do this even more than we realize.  Neville Goddard has addressed how people have completely turned the situation around by taking his advice on changing the inner conversation with the person and envisioning a more ideal, peaceful scenario- as though it is no longer an issue, and that the person shows us love and we do the same to them.  This is true.  All of it is true.  Be mindful of the conversations in your own mind.  They are creating your experiences.

What about the poverty and the hunger around the world?  Shouldn’t we condemn those governments who are so careless and corrupt as to allow their people to go hungry in inhumane living conditions?

Take a look at that sentence I just wrote.  How does it feel when you read it?  Does it feel good?  What happens to your spirit as you take in this controversial topic?  It feels overwhelming, sad, hopeless, helpless, impossible and uncomfortable.  So how do we approach things that make us feel that way?  If we can’t resist them, revenge against them, and make glory by conquering them, what do we DO?

What we’re looking at here is contrast.  The contrast in this example is hunger and poverty.  Our higher selves do not know hunger and poverty, so when we witness it or hear about it, or experience it, it makes us feel bad because we see it, lower our vibration in response to it, and an inner struggle happens where we feel compelled to do something about it.

This is where the answer lies.  Since it feels so uncomfortable, we turn to its opposite.  Abundance of nourishment and a comfortable lifestyle.  This is where the answer lies.  Our job is to immediately turn to the solution.  There is no solution in the problem itself- it is the problem that activates the solution and our role is to focus on that solution, first as the vibration of how it feels and what it’s like, then to allow it to expand through us and the universe to contribute to a ripple effect that replaces the lack of good, with good.

If Jesus said “resist not evil”, it was not only because evil will expand if we do so.  It is because evil is allowed by us if we resist it.  Evil cannot exist if we do not validate it by resisting it.  Evil is the lack of love, and filling our hearts with love and understanding, and basing our thoughts and actions on love will create that shift in consciousness that is all that is required to resolve the things we have seen that make us feel uncomfortable.

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