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Can You Attract A Specific Person – Law of Attraction

Sooooo CAN you attract a specific person? Here’s the deal.

The Law of Attraction: When knowing so much can make it frustrating

Throwing several law of attraction techniques at a problem doesn’t make it go away.

The Law of Attraction and Charity

If everyone is responsible for their own circumstances, and we should never see others as powerless – does it go against universal laws to give to charity or those “in need”? It’s never what we do but the vibration that is matched while doing it. No, seeing anyone as less fortunate than us is not serving them. You must see them as powerful and … Read More The Law of Attraction and Charity

The Law of Attraction: Too Simple or Too Complicated?

When the law of attraction is seen as too simple to be real or too real to be simple.

How To Believe Things Are Working Out When You Don’t See How It’s Possible

Believing is not necessarily an action… it is a state, and doesn’t require force or constant focus.

Neville Goddard Testimonial

There’s a lot to say about Neville Goddard and his teachings, and I’m starting with my testimonial of how his methods work- and flawlessly. Enjoy!

Did I Manifest / Attract This?

In gaining awareness of the manifestation process, sometimes we tend to think that manifesting is something we must consciously set into motion. We think that we need to learn how to do it, otherwise the rest of the stuff we experience isn’t what we manifested- it just… happened? This video explains how manifesting is nothing new to you- only to your conscious awareness. Next … Read More Did I Manifest / Attract This?

My Opinion On Vision Boards- And Do They “Work”?

  This is not a tutorial on how to make a vision board. It’s my perspective of vision boards (ie they are effective?). I’ll post a “How to Make a Vision Board” sometime in the future- in other words: when I feel like it 🙂 Send me your stories about your experience with vision boards!

What is a Metaphysical Minister?

What is a metaphysical minister?  If the Universal Laws are not directly associated with any specific religion, then how can someone be a metaphysical minister?  Do they belong to any religious denominations?  Watch the video to find the answers to a few of these questions.  Feel free to comment or contact if you still have any questions!

Law of Attraction: Can you Attract Your Ex Back?

Here’s the video I promised you about attracting an “ex” and manifesting a relationship!

Depression and the Law of Attraction

What’s In A Decision cont’d

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