If I told you that when you want something, you should visualize it in your mind, live in that world, ignore current reality, and fall asleep “chanting” phrases that will brainwash your mind into magically bringing it into physical life… wouldn’t you think I’m a little off my rocker?  Or… delusional?  Or maybe… a witch?

Let’s take a look at this.  IS the Law of Attraction WITCHCRAFT?  Is it paganism?  Is it atheism?  Is it… a scam?  Is the Law of Attraction a scam?  I mean, those people in The Secret did seem a little weird.  How can anyone be that happy really, and how would they be able to become prosperous so EASILY and have the audacity to sit there and let us think that we can have anything we want?

How dare they play with our hearts this way?!  How dare they mislead the young and the old by saying that if we change the way we think that we can change the circumstances we are in?  Change physical things?  Is quantum physics even a legit science?  Wait, what is a metaphysician?  They do spells or something, I’ve heard…  that’s what I read somewhere online and my cousin’s best friend said she knows for sure because her friend knows someone who says they “use” the Law of Attraction and use this method where they pretend to leave their body and enter another person’s visual perspective and hypnotize them remotely into falling in love with them.  So yeah, the Law of Attraction is a complete scam.  Or whatever.  Just stay away from it.

lucy overwhelmed look

The Law of Attraction is not witchcraft, my friends.  The Law of Attraction is not a tool, not a process, and not a belief.  It is not a religion, and it is not atheism.  Rather, it is the practical and all-encompassing principle that allows us to experience the highest form of spirituality.  It is the Universe’s (God’s) gift to us so that everything flows in contrast and harmony.  It is what uses us as influential particles of the Universe, it is what allows us to live as a reflection of God.  It is the vehicle through which our experiences come into play, and though we will never (and do not ever have to) understand exactly the complexity of how everything falls in place, we do have the capability to understand its simple basis.  It is only this simple basis that we do not “apply” to our life or situations, but understand and become conscious of in order to serve us and our purpose in life.

Considering that the Law of Attraction has existed since anything we have record of has ever existed, it is easier to see how countless religions, anti-religions, spiritual teachings, cultures, and corporations alike have incorporated aspects of metaphysical laws including the Law of Attraction- whether or not they are aware of it.

Nowadays, a success coach, a minister, a politician, a yogi, a Buddhist monk, the pope, a billionaire, a witch, a chiropractor, an artist and a philosopher will each likely be teaching some form of the Law of Attraction.  Keep calm, folks.  Hype is what not only drives traffic to websites, but gets rumors spread and misinforms a bunch of folks who could use some truth.  But then again, when you are aligned with truth, you will receive it no matter what 😉

2 Comments on “Is the Law of Attraction WITCHCRAFT???

  1. The law of attraction is literally the basis of all magick. It’s the core concept behind Witchcraft. It’s just that it’s mainstream now. 😉 Spells are just setting intentions with intense focus and correspondences. It’s adding a physical representation to amplify the law of attraction.

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