I’ve been big on raving to friends about the high quality extracts at Greenbush.net.  They make alcohol free, bio-chelated extracts that are pure and effective.  When it comes to herbal supplements, they are my go-to, largely because their products are offered in liquid form (I’m not much of a pill-popper).

Last weekend, I was invited to a doTerra party, hosted by one of my mom-friends.  The timing was right (or divine, as Florence Scovel Shinn might have said), as I hadn’t seen this friend in a while, and there was also potential in learning about some holistic goodies.  So, I showed up.

It was actually pretty fun, and although I’d never been to a tupperware-party-sort-of-deal, this was a cool little affair.  Even a little more productive than expected.

The “Wellness Consultant” we met is Janine Sabin (you can click on her name for her website).  We heard way too much information about specific oils and blends to possibly remember it all, but we did plenty of sampling and got lists with info to take home.

*Drumroll please*

I decided to start my doTerra oil-owning experience with “Elevation: Joyful Blend”.  I figure, if there’s one essential oil to start incorporating into my life coaching practice, it would be this.  After all, raising your vibration is the gateway to great things to come.

Truth be told, I have been having lots of momentum and confidence lately already- without sniffing any oils.  At the same time, scents are vibration, and our sense of smell is the translating of that vibration, as our sense of taste translates the vibration of foods, as does hearing translate sounds.  I touched a fraction of a drop’s worth onto my palm and took a sniff.  It didn’t immediately seem to trigger any happy feelings, but I was ok with that.  When I got home, I used one drop of it diluted with some coconut oil and used it in a massage for my boyfriend.  He did really like the scent, and seemed to feel the uplifting effect quicker than I did.  That might have been a biased opinion since he was getting a nice little massage, but he did honestly like the smell of it.

There’s one thing I’ve noticed since then.  I have been maintaining my confidence in multiple endeavors and it feels like the threshold of positivity has remained.  It’s not even so much of an effort-ed positivity.  I just feel like I’ve reached a level that is effortlessly consistent.  Yes, this was already in the works before this oil came into my life, and at the same time… the fact that it came along now, means to me that there is some sort of synchronicity there.  Did I need to spend fifty bucks to raise my vibration?  No.  Am I glad I did?  Yes.  I’m glad there are more go-to tools out there to assist in the process of reaching that frequency.  Consistent use is recommended, but I wouldn’t go crazy about it.  A sniff here and there is pretty potent and combined with all the great things we know about elevating without any outer tools, this is a nice little supplement that I kinda dig.

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