There’s a misconception about belief, and that’s that you need to consciously and willfully hold a feeling of voluntary belief. That sounds pretty tiring to me, and it’s no wonder why some give up and put this law of attraction stuff back on the shelf.

In truth, belief feels a lot like ease. It’s not a constantly voluntary feeling or force that you must keep active in your vibration. Active doesn’t have to mean that you’re always on top of it. More than that, belief is often simply the absence of conscious doubt. Sometimes we’re so darned used to letting thoughts and scenarios tied to doubt run through our mind throughout the day, that belief doesn’t have a chance to grow- and it does grow naturally if we don’t stop it from doing so.

Today’s bit of insight: be ok with not knowing how it’s working out. It’s not your job. You will be compelled to do the required action and you won’t even know it’s tied to your wish until you look back as its already done. Can you say “I don’t know how it’s working out, but it’s ok because I don’t have to know that.” Can you let that take a load off your shoulders and place the trust into the metaphorical hands of the universe? You’re not going to know how until it reveals itself. Try letting that be a fun part of the process- because it really is!

Belief is not the presence of will power, but the absence of doubt. Practice living in that space and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of it all.

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Armine Chitjian- Law of Attraction Coach, Los Angeles

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