If everyone is responsible for their own circumstances, and we should never see others as powerless – does it go against universal laws to give to charity or those “in need”?

It’s never what we do but the vibration that is matched while doing it. No, seeing anyone as less fortunate than us is not serving them. You must see them as powerful and capable as you are, because that’s how the universe sees them. Then, if you feel like giving- give. Giving is a great way to circulate prosperity and labeling it as charity somewhat does a disservice to the giver and recipient.

A wealthy person may be in need of something in a given moment and that doesn’t mean he’s what we might call a charity case. But if there’s the need, then the fulfillment of that need is equally possible- to a child in an impoverished neighborhood or the CEO with the corner office. Not every helping hand we give is through money or the like… and, need and fulfillment can be harmonious amongst us regardless of a current social or economic categorization. If someone who you think is “more fortunate” than you is clearly in need for something in a particular moment, do you think “I’m not helping this guy because he has more money than I’ve ever had,” or do you see them as somewhat of an equal and are happy to offer an umbrella in the rain or toilet paper from the stall next door? If you choose one of the latter, then you’re in that small but growing part of the population that gets it. Similarly, you get that giving a toy to a child who doesn’t have many right now, or a blanket to a man sleeping on the street is always a good idea in the eyes of the universe… when you do it with the understanding that their situation is not who they are. When you give, never feel it is because they are helpless, but know that it is because in that particular moment, they attracted the good you are compelled to deliver. Maybe we can slowly stop calling it charity and just call it circulating abundance. That sounds good to me.

Armine Chitjian- Law Of Attraction Coach, Los Angeles


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