Law of attraction skeptics are notoriously known for thinking that attracting the circumstances you want with your mind is an overly simplified concept that could not be possible. Things don’t just happen with your thinking and feeling…. right? Well we know everything is planted just that way and that everything else that we witness with our physical senses is part of the unfolding- including the actions we take.

Funny though, that those who dive deep into studying the law of attraction happen to be notorious for the opposite– they tend to think it is waaayyyy too complicated to truly understand and get anywhere with. They’re inundated with tools, techniques, conflicting teachings.

So what’s the deal? Why is this law of attraction stuff seen as both too simple to be true and simultaneously too complex to understand practically?

Perspective: It’s everything. If you think the law of attraction is woo woo because it sounds silly, intangible and not nearly as high tech as something has to be in order to run the world… that’s cool with me. It’s just not for you to understand right now. Nobody should be trying to convince you otherwise. BUT if you think the law of attraction is too complex for you to “get”… then I can help you. You can learn to use the knowledge intuitively, understanding why sometimes teachings conflict and which “process” is a useful one in any moment.

My recommendation is to do less research and more practice. Stop feeling like you have to read all the literature and, instead, apply each and every single thing you learn as you go along. Thennn you will really understand bit by bit as you explore the way things come into your experience and you won’t have a chance to be overwhelmed or to question which appoach is the one to use in any moment.

Armine Chitjian- Law of Attraction Coach, Los Angeles

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