It sounds like a deeply spiritual and mystical concept. Something you might nod to as to say “yes, that’s so profound”. Yet, to do that would be overlooking the basis of the statement that Neville used in his teachings.

It’s not just a mysterious, abstract concept. It is an immensely practical piece of information that – when understood – is a tool that will allow you to navigate successfully through all of life’s experiences. Everyone is you pushed out.

The basis of this saying is that there are no others. Nobody is completely separate from you. Nobody exists in your experience separate from your awareness. Your awareness is what draws your experiences, and what we perceive as others are actually serving as messengers- showing us in a fantastically practical way, who we are conscious of being.

As soon as we are hurt, upset, angered, even delighted by the words or actions of another, that is the ideal time to stop for a moment and know that there ARE NO OTHERS except as messengers of who we are being. Every word uttered to you by “another” is some reflection from your state of consciousness – your vibrational frequency – and it is an opportunity to change your feeling state and enter the one you prefer instead.

Use this to your advantage, because that is what it is for. If someone keeps behaving in a hurtful way to you, that means you have identified with being hurt. It means you were conscious of being hurt and not being treated kindly. This is why Neville quoted the bible verse, “forgive them father for they know not what they do”. Everybody in your life is acting upon impulse reflecting to you who you are conscious of being. Even if they want to be kind, it will be not possible for them because of your assumption. This is how cycles occur. You judge based on the message rather than using the message to choose something else within you.

You can change only yourself, then others will reflect your change in consciousness. Neville’s words were not meant to just sound spiritual, but to be used in a very, very practical sense. It is all this simple.

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