Most of us have been pretty well trained to feel that prioritizing a desire of ours is selfish and maybe shallow. Even if prioritizing one or two desires is good, surely it’s not cool to give ALL of our desires focus, right? To expect them ALL to manifest. That would be… pushing it. Asking for too much… too self-centered, perhaps?

It’s time to free ourselves, folks. Your desires are not selfish. They are the word of God. As Neville Goddard wrote in Freedom For All, your desire is the word of God. They are the seed that contains all the plan of expression.

In order for us to be aware of a desire, the means for the manifestation of it is already there. Our desires are not little indulgent desserts we have to choose from conservatively and only now and then- they are inner guidance on what to focus on as part of our expansion. In realizing our desires, we are not taking from another, but certainly participating in the orchestration of the unfolding of wonderful experiences for countless people. When we might think, “I want a Tesla but I should probably get a Honda right now because it’s the more practical option in terms of payments. I can get a Tesla in the future.”

Neville calls this “adding to the word of God”. The desire itself already contains all needed for it to grow to fruition. Thinking about the how is adding to the word of God. Settling for anything less than our pure desire is what Neville refers to as “taking from the word of God”. You are taking from the desire that came to you, and your desire is sacred and holds within it much more good than you may realize. We may see it as, “oh sure it’ll make just ME happy”, but in this type of thinking you are brushing aside the wonderful, perfect design of your physical reality. Allowing the manifestation of your desires is far more than something that you alone will enjoy… it is a formula that contributes to harmony in ways you may never understand, and you don’t have to.

Trust in the desire. Trust in the design of the process. Don’t compromise, don’t settle, and assume it is already yours, because it is.

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