What is a Metaphysical Minister?

What is a metaphysical minister?  If the Universal Laws are not directly associated with any specific religion, then how can someone be a metaphysical minister?  Do they belong to any religious denominations?  Watch the video to find the answers to a few of these questions.  Feel free to comment or contact if you still have any questions!

Law of Attraction: Can you Attract Your Ex Back?

Here’s the video I promised you about attracting an “ex” and manifesting a relationship!

Me with Jack Canfield!

Ignore Current Reality?

There’s a misconception regarding the “ignore current reality” concept. We must not deny what our physical senses see… we must acknowledge it for what it is. We must give it credit, and only THEN switch focus to our preferred reality- the reality we have now chosen to assume is truth, and is in the process of physical manifestation.

To pretend the current reality isn’t there at all, and to pretend that we are happy by “putting a smiley face on it” as Abraham says, is denial… and not really doing much better than it does to stick a smiley face on the gas gauge instead of refilling the tank.

Once we’ve acknowledged where our thoughts have brought us, only then is it the perfect moment to set that aside and assume the preferred reality.

“If you’re not expecting it, you’re not allowing it.”

Alright… forget the times you’ve heard the word “expect” used as in, “I expected more from you!”, “I expect my fair share!”, and “I expect an apology!”

Those uses, in the Law of Attraction world, are clearly not true to the meaning.  So, be careful when you are contemplating if it’s okay to expect something you are desiring.  Yes, you should expect it.  “If you are not expecting it, you are not allowing it,” as it says in “Ask and It Is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

But that’s not the expect that we have used as a demand or an ultimatum.  It’s not a forced expect- an angry one that comes along when we feel like we need something in order to justify our own deserving.  It’s not the one we use when we are disappointed, either.

The true expect is when used as expecting your next meal… expecting a package in the mail… expecting a friend for dinner… expecting your paycheck… expecting for your car to turn on when you turn your key in the ignition (or press the button, or take your foot off the break, however yours works)… expecting an annual holiday, expecting summer break, expecting your child to hug you, expecting a ticket you just bought at the booth will get you into the movie theater.

Generally, these things involve no tension.  They are “expected”.  There isn’t questioning it, and it usually works out.  We don’t even notice how well it works out until we have an off moment and one of those things doesn’t turn out as planned.

So, if you’re working vibrationally to experience the physical manifestation of your desire, please expect it.  Why would you even bother “working” on your vibration if you have an underlying hesitancy about letting yourself expect it?  Forget the word “expect” as that ill-used negative expression.  True expectation is a much softer, smoother vibration and that is how it is indicated by accompanying emotions.  It feels smooth and safe and good.

Do it.  Then let us know how awesome things are working out.  Thanks   🙂

Depression and the Law of Attraction

What’s In A Decision cont’d

What’s In A Decision?

When we say you need to make that decision, what does decision mean to you?
I found it interesting that as a society, we make a decision generally implying that we “are going to do” something.  Or, that we “are going to take action”.  Soon.  We have made the decision to start.

And so, when it comes to metaphysical advice such as decide what you want, decide to be that person, decide to live in the reality you prefer…  that really implies that we have decided and in that moment, it is done.  Poof, complete, already shifted, new reality, boom, and so it is.  From then on, anything around you echoing the old is what seems out of place and does not bother us anymore because it is just not our reality anymore.  When you accept this and grasp its simplicity and realize that this is really the difference that changes suffering from lack into ease and experiencing your desire in emotional and physical manifestation… then go and try to convince others and see if they will believe you  🙂

Understanding Relationships Through The Law Of Attraction


Thirteenth century poet Rumi did not use the term Law of Attraction.  Yet, he understood the very essence of metaphysical laws and principles.  The quote above is something that would get a different reaction depending in which scenario it is used.  Among best friends during a good time, they would quickly agree.  Well, try saying it to someone you can’t stand… or someone who can’t stand you.  If you can flash these words through your mind in such circumstances, then you have harnessed the timeless power of the Law of Attraction.

We are all different versions of one another.  We are parts of the same whole, and as parts, we are also the whole.  When you look at someone in a moment of frustration- in a moment of resentment and desperation- there is one question to ask.  How is this a reflection of me?  What am I believing about myself that is showing up to me as this person?

In our moments of deepest hurt and offense, accept that it is our subconscious mind that is bringing up these situations with these people as an indicator of what is going on inside ourselves.  That is the only answer.  To understand the root belief or paradigm that the situation is tied to might take some digging, but not very much.  Meridian tapping or EFT can bring this to the surface in a matter of minutes.  For what seems like the deep hurt- a relationship that has been suffering for long, where reconciliation looks impossible and communication useless- turn inward and allow the true causation to present itself.  Causation is always a thought or belief, and once the cause surfaces, it no longer bears power over you or your relationships.


Experiment: Incorporating doTerra Essential Oil Into Wellness Habits

I’ve been big on raving to friends about the high quality extracts at Greenbush.net.  They make alcohol free, bio-chelated extracts that are pure and effective.  When it comes to herbal supplements, they are my go-to, largely because their products are offered in liquid form (I’m not much of a pill-popper).

Last weekend, I was invited to a doTerra party, hosted by one of my mom-friends.  The timing was right (or divine, as Florence Scovel Shinn might have said), as I hadn’t seen this friend in a while, and there was also potential in learning about some holistic goodies.  So, I showed up.

It was actually pretty fun, and although I’d never been to a tupperware-party-sort-of-deal, this was a cool little affair.  Even a little more productive than expected.

The “Wellness Consultant” we met is Janine Sabin (you can click on her name for her website).  We heard way too much information about specific oils and blends to possibly remember it all, but we did plenty of sampling and got lists with info to take home.

*Drumroll please*

I decided to start my doTerra oil-owning experience with “Elevation: Joyful Blend”.  I figure, if there’s one essential oil to start incorporating into my life coaching practice, it would be this.  After all, raising your vibration is the gateway to great things to come.

Truth be told, I have been having lots of momentum and confidence lately already- without sniffing any oils.  At the same time, scents are vibration, and our sense of smell is the translating of that vibration, as our sense of taste translates the vibration of foods, as does hearing translate sounds.  I touched a fraction of a drop’s worth onto my palm and took a sniff.  It didn’t immediately seem to trigger any happy feelings, but I was ok with that.  When I got home, I used one drop of it diluted with some coconut oil and used it in a massage for my boyfriend.  He did really like the scent, and seemed to feel the uplifting effect quicker than I did.  That might have been a biased opinion since he was getting a nice little massage, but he did honestly like the smell of it.

There’s one thing I’ve noticed since then.  I have been maintaining my confidence in multiple endeavors and it feels like the threshold of positivity has remained.  It’s not even so much of an effort-ed positivity.  I just feel like I’ve reached a level that is effortlessly consistent.  Yes, this was already in the works before this oil came into my life, and at the same time… the fact that it came along now, means to me that there is some sort of synchronicity there.  Did I need to spend fifty bucks to raise my vibration?  No.  Am I glad I did?  Yes.  I’m glad there are more go-to tools out there to assist in the process of reaching that frequency.  Consistent use is recommended, but I wouldn’t go crazy about it.  A sniff here and there is pretty potent and combined with all the great things we know about elevating without any outer tools, this is a nice little supplement that I kinda dig.

Is the Law of Attraction WITCHCRAFT???

If I told you that when you want something, you should visualize it in your mind, live in that world, ignore current reality, and fall asleep “chanting” phrases that will brainwash your mind into magically bringing it into physical life… wouldn’t you think I’m a little off my rocker?  Or… delusional?  Or maybe… a witch?

Let’s take a look at this.  IS the Law of Attraction WITCHCRAFT?  Is it paganism?  Is it atheism?  Is it… a scam?  Is the Law of Attraction a scam?  I mean, those people in The Secret did seem a little weird.  How can anyone be that happy really, and how would they be able to become prosperous so EASILY and have the audacity to sit there and let us think that we can have anything we want?

How dare they play with our hearts this way?!  How dare they mislead the young and the old by saying that if we change the way we think that we can change the circumstances we are in?  Change physical things?  Is quantum physics even a legit science?  Wait, what is a metaphysician?  They do spells or something, I’ve heard…  that’s what I read somewhere online and my cousin’s best friend said she knows for sure because her friend knows someone who says they “use” the Law of Attraction and use this method where they pretend to leave their body and enter another person’s visual perspective and hypnotize them remotely into falling in love with them.  So yeah, the Law of Attraction is a complete scam.  Or whatever.  Just stay away from it.

lucy overwhelmed look

The Law of Attraction is not witchcraft, my friends.  The Law of Attraction is not a tool, not a process, and not a belief.  It is not a religion, and it is not atheism.  Rather, it is the practical and all-encompassing principle that allows us to experience the highest form of spirituality.  It is the Universe’s (God’s) gift to us so that everything flows in contrast and harmony.  It is what uses us as influential particles of the Universe, it is what allows us to live as a reflection of God.  It is the vehicle through which our experiences come into play, and though we will never (and do not ever have to) understand exactly the complexity of how everything falls in place, we do have the capability to understand its simple basis.  It is only this simple basis that we do not “apply” to our life or situations, but understand and become conscious of in order to serve us and our purpose in life.

Considering that the Law of Attraction has existed since anything we have record of has ever existed, it is easier to see how countless religions, anti-religions, spiritual teachings, cultures, and corporations alike have incorporated aspects of metaphysical laws including the Law of Attraction- whether or not they are aware of it.

Nowadays, a success coach, a minister, a politician, a yogi, a Buddhist monk, the pope, a billionaire, a witch, a chiropractor, an artist and a philosopher will each likely be teaching some form of the Law of Attraction.  Keep calm, folks.  Hype is what not only drives traffic to websites, but gets rumors spread and misinforms a bunch of folks who could use some truth.  But then again, when you are aligned with truth, you will receive it no matter what 😉


Who Do You Ultimately Listen To When You Need Advice? YOURSELF!

“If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.” -Frank Zappa

So Frank Zappa might come off a bit harsh.  It doesn’t mean he’s wrong.  This is actually incredibly true and sums up the law of attraction pretty well.  We make our own choices every moment.  We have room to experiment and play around, so there shouldn’t be as much pressure as we sometimes create for ourselves- but yes, we get what we deserve.  We are responsible for the job we have, the company we work for, the spouse we chose… we can play the blame game left and right, but when we take 100% responsibility, then a world of potential opens up and nothing else matters.  In Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, number one out of sixty-four principles is Take 100% Responsibility.  Without doing this, there is no real foundation for all the rest of the principles to achieve your greatest potential.  Did someone say integrity?

This is probably the best thing about what we can take from Zappa’s words:  Deserving it doesn’t have to mean being doomed to stay that way.  The moment you decide to listen to yourself and start developing your own intuition, things start to change.  There is always opportunity to shift your reality and boring miserable lives are really only a few vibes away from something pretty freakin’ great.  The catch is, you’ve got to believe that.

“What about respect?” you might say.  “Isn’t is respectful to listen to our elders and authorities because they have life experience?”

Let’s see.  Whose life experience do they have?  Their own!  From their own perspective!  They will have many wise things to share.  However, telling you what to do without advising you to listen ultimately to your own guidance is a recipe for this guy in his swivel chair.  Now if you want to be that guy in the swivel chair, then follow in his footsteps.  Maybe that is what you want and it excites you.  But if you don’t like swivel chairs or cubicles or offices of any kind, then would you take advice from a wise person who is currently working in (and highly values) office or executive work?

Most people don’t work with a coach, and that’s no excuse to not be your true self and make choices based on your unique perspective.  Your true self is the best coach around, and when you work with a life coach, the good ones point you inward to your inner coach.  Nobody can tell you what the best choice is for you in your own specific life.  We show you how to develop and strengthen the intuition to learn how to listen to yourself.  Not someone else who has a well-meaning but biased and possibly completely misleading idea of what is best for you.

You deserve to play your own game in life!

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